realization that while retirement will make for a welcome change in lifestyle, it is still a decade away. This, then, is a time when considerable personal achievement is often recognized by individuals, and if they feel a certain smugness and inner satisfaction - they are quite right to do so. This will also be a good time to reward themselves and their partner with a very special holiday.

Second Saturn Return and Fifth Jupiter Return

It is at the approach of 60 and for around that 12-month period that we have our Second Saturn Return, and more or less at the same time the Fifth Jupiter Return. This marks one of the most important periods of our lives.

Most people will retire from their careers, or, as one Aries friend of ours put it, re-schedule their lives. This is the right attitude. Those who have no particular interests tend to crumble into old age when they retire. But it is not always easy to start out with something completely different at this age, especially if it involves a lot of effort. Many will, of course, cope well and love the challenge, but for those who find such challenges an uphill struggle, chances are that they will give up. If there has been a long love affair with, for instance, gardening, there is usually no problem; the garden will be totally redesigned and a great deal of newfound free time will be lovingly spent on it. The same goes for any demanding hobby - it can take on a totally different perspective, and for those who are enterprising, very often they graduate from amateur to semi-professional and make extra cash as a result.

Time for a Big Change

Another outcome of this "double J

whammy" of planetary influences is that a really big change is often considered.

A new hobby can take on greater importance if it is taken up around the time of the Second Saturn Return.

Perhaps a move to a favourite town where many happy holidays have been spent, or the decision that the family house is too big and that there is a need to downsize. Will the pretty retirement seaside town be as attractive in the depths of winter, however? Are there interesting clubs and societies where new friends can be made? Will a lot of the shops and restaurants be closed during the cold winter months? Then it must be remembered, if downsizing, that there are probably many prized possessions that have been collected and treasured over the years. Will there be enough space for them - and for grandchildren when they come to stay?

It is obvious that for everyone about to make important changes in their lives at this age, a great deal of serious discussion and planning must go on before the actual day dawns when going to the office is just not going to happen any more. If the joint influences of Jupiter and Saturn work well, the next phase of life will be rewarding, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable. However, plans must not be rushed for any reason. Nor must any action be taken in a mood of blind optimism.

Full Uranus Return

The long, journey of Uranus round the Sun to eventually return to the position it was in some 84 years previously suggests a milestone year indeed for octogenarians. Here is challenge, and many people we have known have taken on a new lease of life and suddenly made

quite outlandish requests for all kinds of adventurous happenings, from free-fall parachuting to driving a racing car. They often want to do something they have not done before, but sadly their children or grandchildren sometimes try to dissuade them, thinking that what they want will be far too risky or dangerous, and that the ancient one will not be able to cope. Here is good advice: if an octogenarian makes such a request, it can be assumed that Uranus is working at its best for them. They should not be dissuaded. Let them go up in that balloon, or down in a submarine, or whatever. They will have the time of their lives. Do not treat them like some wilful child.

Remembrance of Things Past

Of course, many of that age will not be in such an adventurous frame of mind; some will love additional mental stimulation. They will, for certain, know a very great deal about their lost generation, what life was like between the Wars or during the Second World War. Even if we have heard their stories before, a great thing to do is to record them talking, and to let them turn out old photographs (making sure they identify everyone in them!) and memorabilia; their memories can often contribute a great deal to our knowledge of the past. If any member of the family is into genealogy, here is a wealth of knowledge about great-grandparents and their contemporaries. We must never miss out on opportunities like this.

Above all, stimulating the interest of these elderly people can be really worthwhile. Many octogenarians have been big achievers, sometimes producing the greatest work of their lives. Verdi wrote Otello at that age; two famous dancers, Marie Rambert in England and

Free-fall parachuting and other wild activities are not unheard of for octogenarians experiencing the full Uranus return.

The composer Verdi wrote Otello when he was in his 80s.

Martha Graham in the United States, were still choreographing - and there are many other unforgettable achievers whose prime has continued into their 80s - Picasso, Pablo Casals, Segovia, Pierre Monteux, and Winston Churchill.

The Third Saturn Return

This phenomenon is still being researched, but as so many people are now living well into their 90s, the influence is becoming increasingly common. It seems serious in essence, as Saturn tends to put us in a serious frame of mind. So is this something of a down-turn for nonagenarians? Not necessarily - they will make sure that their affairs are in good order and seize the opportunity for good, possibly last, meetings with loved ones. But maybe there will be some who will fall under the wild influence of "Saturnalia" and lay on the biggest birthday bash they have ever given. Britain's late Queen Mother did just this, as did one of our dearest and closest friends; but then he was an energetic Scorpio and she an energetic Leo (who went on to be 100 and have her second Chiron Return), so no surprises there.

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