as a good anchorage for an individual personality. The quincunx is considered by some astrologers to be a minor aspect; we, however, think it is of considerable importance. A quincunx indicates a point in the chart where something stressful may occur.

Conventions in describing the aspects

Once you have worked out your chart and begin to interpret the aspects, you will immediately notice that the sections on the following pages decrease in length as we move from the Sun's aspects to those of the Moon, then the other planets. This is because, in astrology, we always put the planet nearest to us on Earth first, so that by the time we reach the aspects of Pluto, we only show its aspects to Chiron. The golden rule is that we do not refer to Pluto's aspect to the Sun, or any of the other planets; we look at the Sun's aspect to Pluto. Similarly, we do not refer to Saturn's aspect to Venus, but always Venus's aspect to Saturn. This can be a bit confusing at first, but it is a formality we always use, and one soon gets used to it.

Conjuctions of the brightest planets can be easily observed with the naked eye, or in more detail with a pair of binoculars.

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