Canberra (Australia) 35° 15'S

Auckland (New Zeaiand] 36°52'S

Melbourne (Australia) 37°40'S

Bahia Blanca (Argentina) 38° 35'S

Valdivia (Chile) 39°50'S

Launceston (Tasmania) 41° 25'S

Chrestchurch (New Zeaiand] 43° 33'S

Dunedin (New zealand) 45°51'S

Bangkok 13°45'N

Paraguay) 20°30'S

Khartoum 15° 31'N



midheaven tables

To discover your Midheaven sign you have to follow an almost identical process to that for discerning your Ascendant. However, instead of finding out the latitude of your place of birth, for the Midheaven you need to note the longitude. Then, from the tables below, select the one closest to your place of birth. Following the same procedure as for finding the Ascendant, locate your date and time of birth in the appropriate columns and draw a line between these two points. The glyph to the right on this diagonal line reveals your Midheaven. Again, take particular notice whether it crosses the top, middle, or towards the bottom of the line.

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