step two

You now need to find out how far the Moon travelled from the start of the month until the birth date in question, for which you'll need to use the Lunar Cycle Path. Take a piece of paper and place one corner on the month's LCN (given by the table), then mark the edge of the paper at the point where it reaches the birth date (i.e. LCN + birth date).

step three

You now need to apply the distance arrived at in step two to the Zodiac Path. Place the corner of the paper on the Zodiac Path at the degree of sign given by the table. Now read off the position on the path at the point where it matches up to your mark on the paper. This is the sign the Moon was in for the birth date (and time) in question. The shaded sections indicate whether it was the first, second, or third part of the sign - information that can be applied when drawing up a birth chart.

mercury 1931-1942

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