Golden Rule Three

This diagram, which shows four positions of the Sun, offers a simple way to check that your chart is accurate. At sunrise, the Sun will be near to the Ascendant, (in which case you will have been born around sunrise, so your Sun and Ascendant signs will be the same). If you were born around noon, the Sun will be at the top of the chart near the Midheaven; if you arrived close to sunset, the Sun will be at the west; and, if you were born around midnight, the Sun is directly opposite the Midheaven. If this isn't working out, try again before going any further.

(1 for January, 2 for February, and so on). The tables indicate the precise date and time at which the Sun enters a given sign. Because the Sun moves at roughly 1° per day, you can then tell which third of the sign is appropriate for the birth date in question: the first 10 days of the sign; the second 10 days; or the final 10 days.

Take an Aries birth date, for example. The Sun enters Aries on 21 March. Therefore, if you were born between 21 and 31 March, plot the Sun in the white segment of Aries; if born between 1 and 10 April place the Sun in the light shaded segment; and if born between 11 and 21 April put the Sun in the darkest shaded segment.

THE MOON The next stage is to discover the position of the Moon at the time of your birth. As the Moon changes signs roughly every two and a half days you have a different process to find out its right sign when you were born. To do this, refer to the guidance on page 315.

THE OTHER PLANETS To locate the positions of the remaining planets, turn to pages 316-43. For each planet, locate the year and month of your birth, just as you did with the Sun tables. However, unlike the Sun tables, the other planetary tables do not

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