Gemini in permanent relationships

It is usually a rollercoaster ride for those with Geminians as permanent partners. There are highs and lows in every relationship, but here the switchback seems constant, and the change in directions dizzying. The partner needs to be very much on the ball to be able to cope with unexpected developments - they will certainly add zest to life, but may also be unsettling. For the relationship to flourish, it is essential that there is an extremely lively intellectual rapport between the Gemini and his or her

Expect a rollercoaster ride if you are trying to have a relationship with a Geminian.

Expect a rollercoaster ride if you are trying to have a relationship with a Geminian.

partner. Both partners should have full say in discussions and decision-making, and the day-to-day problems of life should be resolved jointly. If the non-Gemini partner is too quiet and not very forthcoming, it is likely to frustrate the Gemini, who will in all sincerity want to know what is going on in his or her partner's mind. The key factor here is friendship - important in all permanent relationships, but absolutely vital with Geminians.

Flirtatious and Playful

The sex life of Geminians should continue to be lively and enjoyable for many decades. Sometimes Geminian flirtatiousness can get a little out of hand. This is one subject Geminians are not keen to discuss, although discussion may be called for when this happens. If possible, the partners should try to take this in their stride. As years go by, much can be done by partners by striving to maintain their looks, figures, and sex appeal. A bit of rivalry does no harm, and if the Gemini sees their partner getting plenty of attention, half the battle will be won. In such a situation, they are likely to feel flattered, because usually they are not jealous. In fact, they do not really know what jealousy is. They are not particularly possessive either, but sometimes a cross-influence from Venus (see p210) can cause a bit of seething.

Geminians find the challenge of parenthood exciting. They must be prepared for a certain amount of boredom during the early years, when their toddler's conversation is limited. However, once the children grow up and begin to respond adequately, they will always stimulate them and keep them busy. Most importantly, Gemini parents will always answer their children's questions to the best of their abilities. Moreover, they will even encourage them to refer to books or the Internet if they themselves are unable to come up with the answer.

The retail industry provides ideal jobs for lively Geminians - and any shop run by a Gemini is likely to be a colourful affair.

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