Gemini in love

The Geminian ability to communicate readily and immediately comes to the fore when Geminians are attracted to a new love. Emails, text messages, and even old-fashioned letters will be dashed off. In fact, the Gemini will do everything possible to hasten the development of the affair. Sometimes, because they have so much to say in praise of their new partner, they may actually talk too much and too fast, thereby giving the impression that they are nervous. This will be unlikely, but they will do well to remember that others may get such an impression. If we find ourselves at the receiving end of this particular kind of voluble adoration, we should try to calm the Gemini and teach him to pace himself.

Pace and Timing

The "getting-to-know-you" period of a relationship will go on rather longer with a Geminian than with many other zodiac types, whose aim is simply to get their partners into bed as soon as possible. With Geminians it must be remembered that friendship -even in highly-sexed relationships - is very important, and must be soundly established right at the start.

Once the relationship has moved on sexually, the expression and style of lovemaking will be as lively as other

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