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If any child will benefit from listening to Mozart while still in the womb, a Gemini will. It will be worth remembering that stimulating the mind of the young Gemini is absolutely vital. Parents must constantly be aware that even from their baby's earliest months, the risk of boredom will be huge. Geminian babies will be fascinated by the shapes, colours, and movement of a dangling mobile. But if they have nothing to look at except a plain wall, they will get bored very soon and become tetchy. Even if his or her attention span is only average, the more stimulation the child receives, the better.

Geminian children will make quick progress once they get to nursery school. For instance, their vocabulary will soon surpass that of other children of the same age. They will be extremely talkative, and while this is to be encouraged, they must sooner or later learn that there are times when they just have to be quiet and listen.

This is a lesson which should be instilled by the parents, so as to prevent upsets when it comes to more serious school days, and also for a bit of peace and quiet at home. Parents must also bear in mind that their child's questions must be answered as fully as possible. They will not be content with anything that seems illogical.

The young Geminian needs a good variety of activity toys, or boredom will soon set in.

School Life

The Geminian child will thrive at a school that has a lively atmosphere, and believes in stimulating its pupils. The child will not like strict discipline, and the acceptance of rules will be easy only when their real reason is thoroughly explained and understood. Geminians are not shy about complaining if they think a rule is silly. Even if parents agree with them, the best approach is to try to find some reason why he or she should conform. Geminians are not rabble-rousers as children, but they will certainly use mischievous behaviour as a way to attract the attention of their classmates

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