Gemini as moon sign

Those with the Moon in Gemini will have many characteristics of the sun-sign Geminians. They will be versatile, good communicators, and will scurry around doing at least two things at the same time. But due to the lunar influence, responses to various situations will most likely be verbal.

Working in community healthcare suits the lunar Geminian, who needs constant variety within a structured career.

birth chart may, however, come into play. They might feel guilty about their quick and often mendacious response, and decide that an apology is necessary. This usually works quite well, for there will be no lack of charm in the delivery of the apology.

A Restless Spirit

Those with a Geminian Moon have the same bright liveliness as apparent in the sun-sign Geminians, but they will be restless. They may also have difficulty deciding the right path in life. Certainly, versatility is a blessing, but confusion often occurs when

"geminians are lively and versatile"

Moon-in-Gemini types will have a quick, often amusing, but self-justifying answer - whether they have committed a dreadful mistake, have been rebuked, or simply wanted to get the better of a rival. It will be difficult for them to "see", much less admit, that they are wrong. They will talk their way out of difficulty with verbosity, impudence, and ease. Influences from other areas of their important decisions regarding career or relationships have to be made. They may be attracted to one profession, but after a while, a certain boredom is likely. Dare we say that can be true of a relationship too? The lunar Gemini will need variety and change - like, for instance, being a general practitioner or nurse who deals with different types of patients, rather than a specialist in one area of medicine.

The latest exhibitions will draw in Geminians, who are always very keen to take their friends along too.

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