Gemini as ascendant

Those with Gemini as their Rising sign find it easier to be practical, and to keep their feet on the ground than their Sun-sign cousins. While they will be equally lively and versatile, there is a good chance that they will be less superficial, especially when dealing with subjects that interest them. Their ability to study a few chosen subjects in depth is a considerable asset, and often leads to life-long interests. They have tremendous enthusiasm for whatever they undertake, and are always happy to accept adventurous challenges. It is very much in their nature to question every concept that they come across, and to accept or reject it only after they have reached a satisfactory conclusion.

The Geminian Psyche

It is important that the Rising-sign Geminians are aware that they are more likely to suffer from nervous stress and tension than those who have it as the sun sign. They may even have to

Even in an impossible position, a Geminian will always do his best to talk his way out of trouble.

seek professional help if the situation calls for it. Sometimes stress and tension can also exacerbate a vulnerability to asthma. Tackling the source of the tension may prove to be more satisfactory than attempting to cure the asthmatic condition itself.

Rising-sign Geminians are often keen to explore the depths of their personalities. However, they should be careful not to get too involved with the results of this discovery, as it may lead to questioning and re-questioning of their own motivations, only leading to further introspection.

They have an independent, freedom-loving quality about them, a desire for new experiences and travel - not only in the physical sense of the word, but intellectual, philosophical, and perhaps even occult journeys too. With proper guidance and care, the result is likely to provide satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment, and inner happiness.

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