Gemini and careers

As we have already said, because Geminians are such good communicators, the media is particularly well-suited to their talents. But it does not end there. They are great at bringing people round to their point of view, so they make excellent sales executives, who are able to convince the customers with their persuasive power,

Geminians are often happy as taxi drivers, because they generally enjoy driving and the chance to chat to people from all walks of life.

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as well as lively charm, that every proverbial Eskimo should own at least one refrigerator. Work in the retail trades is, therefore, ideal.

Going Places

Many Geminians are the happiest when driving. That chatty taxi driver one occasionally meets is more than likely to be a Geminian. Another area in which their best qualities can be rewardingly expressed is the travel and hospitality industries. Here, we have the particularly lively air steward, extremely eager to welcome us on board, and to convince us that theirs is the best or the only airline worth using. Or the travel guide, who constantly counts her flock, and is really excited about the sights of her own particular patch of touristic soil. Very different professions, such as the law, will be fascinating as well. Geminians can enjoy acting as go-betweens. So being an agent for writers, actors, musicians, or those in search of better jobs in most industries, or in finance can make for success. In calmer areas, because of the traditional astrological accent on the hands, those interested in the beauty industry will do well to consider a career as a manicurist or as a therapeutic masseur. Geminians also make inspiring and stimulating teachers - but they should think very carefully about the age group they want to work with, because they could become rather bored with nursery or kindergarten work.


For good health, Geminians should maintain a fairly light diet. Heavy, stodgy food does not suit them. They will fare a lot better on salads, poultry, and fish, with some pasta to contribute carbohydrates. As far as exercise is concerned, they are individualists, and will be attracted to

■ ■ sports where the effort is individual, rather than to those in which team spirit is an important factor. Usually fleet-footed, they do well in tennis, and in £ ( sports that require lots of self-motivation, such as jogging and ower-walking.

their own specialism might be. This will probably be English literature or its equivalent in other languages.

Chopping and Changing

Geminians make numerous changes in their careers, much more than other people. If they can be certain that the next change will be more lucrative as well as rewarding, the move is fine.

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