Finding the moons position

The Moon moves fast, travelling through a complete sign of the zodiac every 2.5 days. Our tables - based on noon, GMT - are designed to be used in conjunction with the Lunar and Zodiac paths (right).

step one

Look to the Moon tables, and locate the year and month in question (such as the year and month of your birth). For each month, you will find a Lunar Cycle Number (LCN) and a Zodiac Path expressed in tenths of a zodiac.

Note: the tables are set for noon; if you know your birth time to be earlier of later than noon, you can make an approximate allowance for this.

example for 6pm on 15 june 1979

1 The LCN for that month is 19, and the Zodiac Path is .4 of the way through Leo.

2 Put the corner of the paper against 19, and mark it at 34 (19 + 15, since the birth date is the 15th). However, allow for the quarter of a day which passed between noon and 6 pm - so the mark is at 34.25. You have marked off the distance between 19 and 34.25.

3 Using the Zodiac Path Line, put the corner of the paper to the .4 point within Leo, and read off the result against your mark on the paper. The Moon at the birth day and time was in the first third of Pisces (the unshaded part of the sign).




cycle path


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