Capricorn in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

Capricorns are like the salt of the earth when it comes to forming friendships. They are constant, true, and faithful, and for the most part we can have a great deal of fun when we get together with them. If we have known them for long, we can reminisce about old times. However, while j

Capricorns will delight in recalling amusing anecdotes, we can sometimes find them in a depressed mood. Then nothing is right with the world: they have had a dreadful day, or the current political situation is dire, or their kids have run wild, and so on. On such occasions, we must simply allow them to have their moan; if we dare to interrupt, they will grumble even more. Let them get their complaints off their chests, before we come up with suggestions as to how to spend the rest of the day together in an enjoyable way. This will put them in the mood to express their delightful sense of humour.

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