Capricorn as a sun sign

While not generally considered one of the dual signs of the zodiac, Capricorn is a very strong contender for this grouping — the symbolic creature of the sign being half-goat and half-fish. The contrasts between the two very different beasts is obvious, and the interpretation of a well-known British astrologer was that here are the "giddy mountain goats" and the "wet fish". Indeed it does sometimes seem that more contrasting qualities can be seen in Capricornean individuals than in people of any other sign.

The Capricorn potential for success is enormous, but, even when successful, many are prone to a pessimistic outlook. In contrast to their successful and confident brothers and sisters, Capricorneans who have not fulfilled their ambitions despite years of hard work are dedicated grumblers. They will often blame their background, their un-cooperative partners, or an impossible boss for their relative failure to move on and up in the world, as they had hoped to do.

To further complicate matters, there are not only the successful pessimists but the unsuccessful optimists! The latter are to be admired in many ways: they simply refuse to give up, whatever discouragement hits them -yet they simply refuse to make the

The illustration for January from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (1416), with the Capricorn symbol of a Sea-goat shown in the astrological chart at the top of the image.

The Capricorn Sea-goat, as depicted on the page for January from the Bedford Hours, an illuminated manuscript produced in France in around 1423.


Symbol The Sea-goat Sun Sign Dates 22 December-20 January Ruling Planet Saturn Element or Triplicity Earth Quality or Quadruplicity Cardinal Positive/Negative Negative Body Area Knees and Shins Polar Sign Cancer cc capricorns have a wonderfully offbeat sense of humour"

Comic actor Rowan Atkinson exemplifies the typical offbeat humour of Capricorns.

kind of drastic change of direction which might benefit them. Instead, they grasp at straws as and when they can, smile resolutely, and plod on along the same furrow.

Many Capricorns who lack self-confidence will feign laziness as a cover-up. But when they do spur themselves into action, they are supported by a great deal of practical common sense and patience, which stands them in good stead as they resolutely and nimbly climb the upper slopes of the mountain that they aspire to conquer.

There are very few Capricorns who do not have an offbeat sense of humour. We see it beautifully illustrated in the work of the British actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson, a Sun-sign Capricorn. Older Capricorn men often do not realize that they are making the rest of us laugh, or if they do, they will tend to return our smile with the corners of their mouths turned down.

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