Cancer in permanent relationships

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Here is a zodiac group which blossoms when settled into a permanent relationship, and whose members - more than many - will probably hope to be legally married eventually. Emotional security is important, mainly because Cancerians are eager to raise a family and build a stable family unit. This instinct is very powerful, and they do make excellent parents. But before that happy day when the first child arrives, the process of home building, in every sense of the word - but especially where atmosphere is concerned, as opposed to just having the right living conditions - is very important. This does not mean that their dream house, with the perfect nursery, lounge, bedroom, playroom, and study is not important too; it is, and the Cancerian dream will go on to visualize family dinners where everyone sits happily round the table discussing their day.

Marriage is very important for Cancerians, who value emotional stability and mutual support as the I foundation for happiness.

But of course reality kicks in, and it may well be that the Cancerian will be caring for an extended family, whose members come and go as they please, in freedom and independence. If this is a probability they should give extremely careful thought to the situation, for there is potential for a considerable build up of stress and worry, which will not be conducive to the serene family life of their dreams. If Cancerians have children of their own to add to the extended family, it seems unlikely that quite as much love and attention will be given to them as to the original family members; jealousy and resentment could soon begin to boil up.

Nurturing the Love

Where Cancerians really can score highly within a permanent relationship is in keeping the romance alive. In theory, because they are so caring and imaginative, they can do much more than just cook a special meal or bring home roses and chocolates. They will not forget the early days when they and their partner first met, and any excuse for a bit of sheer romance or a fun occasion will be welcomed. That is, just so long as they can really trust the babysitter ... and that their partners can persuade them to leave their mobile phone at home . and that they can put aside irrational worries about the children for an entire evening.

In the long run, these contrasting qualities make them excellent partners and good, if overanxious, parents.

Marriage is very important for Cancerians, who value emotional stability and mutual support as the I foundation for happiness.

Young Cancerians may be reluctant to go to nursery school, preferring the security of staying at home with their mum or dad.

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