Cancer in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

Cancerians are one of those groups with whom friendships last for a very long time - and they will remember precisely what we were wearing and what was said when we first met, even if that first meeting was way back in kindergarten. Taking a stroll down memory lane with them will be delightful fun.

However, that excellent memory can work in other ways as well. Maybe we said something ages ago that upset a Cancerian, and while they will be unlikely to keep referring to it, it will be all too securely lodged in the back of their minds. But this need not be a problem: do them a good turn and they will repay several times over, expressing their caring kindness. Sometimes this will take the form of an unexpected present, or a meal they have specially cooked for

A reassuring hug and maybe a shoulder to cry on are essential for the most sensitive Cancerians

us, along with other friends they think we will enjoy meeting. Their intuition works very powerfully in friendship. They will be thinking about you and suddenly realize you need some kind of help, then will phone or text you.

-changing Moods ancerian changes of mood can cause a certain amount of stress between friends. In some extreme cases, having arranged to meet, we are just not sure whether we will be greeted with happy smiles and a well-worked out plan of events, or if clouds have gathered and we will need to work hard at cheering up, reassuring, and even providing a shoulder to cry on. But then there will be times when we may need such a shoulder - and we will certainly get it from our Cancerian friend.

We must be aware that these people will without doubt worry about us, so we really must make a special effort not to be late when we arrange to meet them, or be careful to send messages to tell them exactly where we are and why we are running behind schedule. If we neglect this, their imagination will start to work overtime and they will be absolutely sure that we have been run over, or mugged, or met with some other disaster.

While one can get along quite happily with Cancerians, just by respecting each others' interests, a shared pastime will further cement the bond, and if it happens to be one especially dear to a Cancerian, so much the better.

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