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The youngest Cancerians will, rather than most toddlers, tend to be clinging, and may well be quite frightened when introduced to nursery school. Obviously, the more they get used to this very different atmosphere before their parents leave them, the better. If it is at all possible for a parent to arrange a visit to the premises with their child before he or she starts attendance, it will be a great help - even better if the child already has a friend who attends the same school. But at all events, this first break with the established home routine is not going to be easy. However, once the initial shock has subsided, it should not be too difficult to ignite the young Cancerian's imagination, and as time goes on, the more he or she is allowed to help the helpers, the better.

Parents may face a similar situation during the first few days of kindergarten or reception class. Again, preparation is the key to smoothing the transition. Choosing a school where the Cancerian imagination is

A sudden burst of tears is not at all uncommon with Cancerian children.

immediately grabbed - probably by something as simple as a good display of other pupils' art work - will help enormously. Kindness is paramount, as is gentle, but firm, discipline. It must be remembered that here are sensitive children who will appear a lot tougher than they really are. When rebuked, their response will be to bite their lips and tell themselves they are not crying, but all too soon a torrent will burst forth, which, while it may be somewhat over-dramatic, will probably be for the best, with emotion allowed to flow rather than being bottled up.

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Feeding the Imagination

The imagination of Cancerian children can be applied to any subject, and will emerge in science as well as art. History will be a popular subject, as will literature, and one will soon know which subjects are going to be the favourites for further study in greater depth when the time comes for choosing specialisms.

Becoming a chef is a popular career choice for Cancerians, who tend to excel at cooking.

Cancerians are endowed with great tenacity and determination. When the choice of subject for university arises, parents can be sure that the preference, once expressed, will be taken up with enthusiasm, and these qualities will come into their own, so the chances of a good degree will be excellent. If there is any indecision, a serious discussion, vocational guidance test, or perhaps a full astrological analysis will provide helpful information and guidance.

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