Cancer as moon sign

The Moon is extremely powerful in Cancer because it is in the sign it rules. If by chance you were born at the time of the New Moon, bear in mind the fact that you are known astrologically as a "double Cancerian", and those born at the New Moon and at or near sunrise will be "triple Cancerians". In such cases, everything you read about Cancer will apply to you - you will be "like" your Cancer Sun and you will (like all who have the Moon in this sign) respond to situations in the manner of Cancer.

But irrespective of the Ascendant and the positions of the planets, when Cancer is the Moon sign, the influence of the Moon works overtime. This will bring about an instinctive and emotional response to all situations, and the individual will be very prone to worry. Sometimes there will be a tendency to overreact, but in such cases, other areas of the chart may act as a corrective.

Cycles of the Moon

This placing can have a rather negative effect on a woman's menstrual cycle, especially where PMS mood swings are concerned. Awareness and perhaps a little research into the pattern could be an enormous help in coming to terms with the problem. Comparing the cycle's phases with those of the Moon may well add another dimension. For instance, if one feels particularly energetic at full Moon, it is possible

Breasts are the Cancerian body area, though this does not mear that Cancerians are more prone tc breast cancer than anyone else.

to use exercise to help ward off depression or irritability; and if the Moon phases and the individual cycle coincide, greater allowances should be made by the subject, and the family should learn not to blame a woman for possible overemotional responses.

Areas of Conflict

There may be conflict between wanting things to stay as they are and a certain restlessness and wish for change. These must be balanced, and there may well be problems: a strongly family-orientated Moon-in-Cancer person will have considerable difficulty when children grow up and want to move on to live their own lives. Fears - often irrational -for their safety and wellbeing will emerge, and special care will be needed so that far too many hints are not dropped to encourage the arrival of grandchildren.

Chatting about old times is a favourite activity of Cancerians, who tend to have terrific memories.

Chatting about old times is a favourite activity of Cancerians, who tend to have terrific memories.

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