Cancer as ascendant

While the individual's Sun sign will probably dominate the Cancerian Ascendant, there are many of the same characteristics present as in those with a Cancer Sun sign. When Cancer is rising, the individual -whatever the Sun sign - will get particular pleasure and inner satisfaction from caring for and cherishing those who are close.

The motivation to start their own families is very strong and they will work hard and with immense tenacity to see that family life is held together. Sometimes, a rather sterner attitude will emerge to this end, but after any crises the soft, melting quality common to all of this sign will come into its own and amends will be made.

Cancer's Vulnerabilities

We must remember that in all these situations the desire will be to protect -but this does not show itself as possessiveness. The influence of the cardinal quadruplicity emerges and plants a basic outgoing quality. There will be a great deal of ambition for the partner's progress in life, and, as a result of a keen desire to move up the ladder, a certain amount of social climbing will go on, perhaps through the giving of elaborate (home-cooked) dinner parties for the boss and his/her partner.

The basic health vulnerability is usually of the digestive system, which will be extremely sensitive and ignited by worry. If a Cancerian gets sick for no apparent reason, the digestion is nearly always at the root of the problem. As the breasts are the Cancerian body area, it is obvious that Cancerian women, like all women, should check them and have regular mammograms. But it should be emphasized that no one with a Cancer Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign should

Ernest Hemingway was one of many great Cancerian writers.

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