Cancer and money

As mentioned before, the Cancerian hoarding instinct is very strong, and in no other area of life is it more powerful than in finance. Cancerians often think themselves to be far less well-off than they actually are, and as a result, give the impression of being mean, especially when they have to give special gifts such as wedding presents.

Faced with natural disasters which call for donations to charity, there are two distinct possibilities. The Cancerian capacity for sympathy and identification with suffering will ignite the need to give help, and many will part with their last cent on these occasions -or even go to a disaster zone in person to offer help. The other possibility is that the Cancerian will recoil and fearfully decide that they simply cannot risk sending much, or anything at all.

Collections of an eclectic nature are quite typical of Cancer.

Studying the financial papers is indicative of Cancer's cautious approach to investment; their sense of timing will be a key factor if they are to be successful investors.

something Cancerians have in money matters. In the long term, they should see their investments grow extremely well. It would only be a rush of emotion - most probably spurred on by the circumstances - that might cause a Cancerian to act rashly and lead to financial difficulty. In case this should happen, Cancer has what it takes to re-examine every past mistake, and in due course, with renewed determination and tenacity, start all over again, having learned the very hard way from the rash and stupid mistakes made in the past.

The Cautious Investor

Another Cancerian quality that can make its presence felt is the loathing towards risk-taking. While many Cancerians are brave and daring in other respects (they are the takers of calculated risks), the tendency is far less likely to grab them when it comes to hard-earned cash, as the thought of losing it through speculation is vehemently disliked. All in all, the poor unfortunate - who perhaps because of silly spur-of-the-moment investments or through lending cash to friends who cannot or will not pay it back -is, thankfully, few and far between among Cancerians.

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