Breathing Space

Claustrophobia is perhaps the one thing that Sagittarians really cannot cope with. If a claustrophobic net begins to close around them, they will struggle and rebel. Being constantly questioned about where they have been, or why they are preoccupied with some hobby when they should be paying their partner more attention, will drive them crazy. In such cases, dramatic and highly emotional scenes if a partner becomes jealous, a sagittarian will seriously dislike it"

will be inevitable and frequent. Indeed, Sagittarians are unlikely to withstand such a situation for very long, and will simply get out. In the same vein, a dreary round of housecleaning or sacrificing a successful career for one's lover will make for an equally claustrophobic and unchallenging lifestyle for Sagittarian women. In the end it will prove intolerable, no matter how dedicated she is to her partner's career. She will feel frustrated that she is not moving along at the same pace. This seems to be about the only time in a Sagittarian's life when jealousy is likely to surface, unless such a tendency is emphasized in the birth chart.

A dreary round of housework will soon become intolerable to a Sagittarian.

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