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While Mars is at its most potent in the signs it rules, its influences are a powerful marker by which an astrologer can determine the level of the subject's physical energy, assertiveness, and sex drive. The way the planet manifests its influence is geared to the sign it is in, and we are able to discover whether the energy is high or low, whether it will have immediate impact, giving the subject a rush of adrenalin and sudden anger, or whether the energy flow is controlled and burned up in a regulated way, perhaps through regular exercise.

These indications are further modified by the house position of the planet and the influences of the other planets by way of the various aspects it receives from them. When Mars is on the Ascendant (near

Planetary symbol for Mars

Planetary symbol for Mars

Levels of sex drive can be interpreted through the position of Mars in a birth chart.

nine o'clock on the chart) and about to rise, it will considerably colour the characteristics of the Rising sign, strengthening them and giving the individual additional assertiveness and a powerful driving force which will be blended with the Rising sign's accepted characteristics. It will also have an impact on the general health and wellbeing of the individual.

If Mars is placed high in the sky (on the Midheaven) in the birth chart, the planet's influence will be expressed through hard work and the will to get on in life in the chosen career.

While accepting that Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, astrologers will still consider the special relationship between Mars and Scorpio. If Mars happens to be in Scorpio, the planet's placing will considerably strengthen the influence of that sign - to a far greater degree if Scorpio happens to be the Sun, Moon, or Ascending sign in the chart under consideration.

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