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Before the integration of the modern planets into the astrological discipline, everything that was stern, negative, and ominous was attributed to Saturn. The emphasis has now changed, and saturn is associated with authority, and provides a severe inner voice which controls and sometimes limits our self-expression. Here is our inner father, or authority figure, which will either inhibit us by uttering countless put-downs, telling us that we are no good at anything or will give us the kind of sensible advice we might expect of a strict, but by no means negative, parent or teacher.

Planetary symbol for Saturn

Planetary symbol for Saturn

Often our Saturn influence relates to our parents when in a heavy-handed mood, telling us we must work harder at school or that we must break off a relationship with someone "unsuitable".

While the influence of Saturn can inhibit or become a source of depression, more often it adds stability. The planet contributes the ability to discipline ourselves and will control and guide, although sometimes it may be a source of frustration and delay to many of our ideas and projects -which are probably not as well thought-out as we think. We learn lessons under this planet's influence, and can rest assured that we rarely make serious mistakes when Saturn is about (although we may well not think so then). In short, Saturn usually says, "Thou shalt not", but from time to time changes the instruction to, "Thou shalt" -usually encouraging us down a difficult, perhaps unexpected path. If we take that path the long-term future will be all the more successful for us.

The authority figure or inner father is associated with Saturn - an influence that provides stability.

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