Ascendant scorpio

with Midheaven signs: cancer The Navy; will respond well to routine and discipline. Pathologist.

Leo Wine merchant, chemist, medical profession, banking.

Virgo Will enjoy considerable success, and possible fame. Detective work, medical research, psychotherapist.


with Midheaven signs:

Virgo Teaching, university lecturer, the travel industry. A fulfiling, satisfying career.

Libra Considerable success; librarian, publishing, the law, working with animals.

Scorpio Excellent prospects; sense of direction plus breadth of vision. Town planning, editor, investigative journalism.


with Midheaven signs: Leo A good but somewhat relentless boss. Success in finance, banking. Virgo Needs stability, restless but dislike of changes. Accountancy, own business. Libra Outgoing, hard working, considerate, but critical. Retail trades, PR work. Scorpio Intensive worker. Research, engineering, plumbing.


with Midheaven signs:

Libra Will express charm during working hours. All luxury trades, television industry, beautician. Scorpio Conservation, anthropology, astronomy, scientific research; fact-finding. Sagittarius Airlines, travel industry; university lecturer, solicitor. Needs stability, but with freedom of expression.


with Midheaven signs: Sagittarius Needs to work in partnership, possibly in small or shared business where hard work, inspiration, and creativity will blossom.

"Whatever dispute needs resolution, the Scales will see to it, well acquainted with the tables of the law."

Manilius, 1st century

Scorpios Are Hard Workers
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