with Midheaven signs: Aries Can cope with difficult conditions. Excellent leadership ability. Brave and daring. Taurus Stubborn and conventional. Excellent business sense. Banking, management. They can also be creative; talent for music is possible. Pisces Customs official, prison services, vet, or zoologist.


with Midheaven signs:

Taurus Wine merchant, grocer, estate agent; good at selling. Gemini Will reveal facts. Good for the media, investigative journalism, detective or spy work.


with Midheaven signs: Cancer A connoisseur, curator, obsessive collector; will make money and spend it. Leo Arts oriented. Talented, but may not develop it fully.


with Midheaven signs: Cancer Medical profession, Navy, cruise operator, or police. Will be determined and dedicated. Leo Will succeed. Excellent business sense, but stubborn and dogmatic. Very hard worker and good organizer. Virgo Medical research, surgeon, psychotherapist, computer programmer, detective. Possibly obsessional attention to detail.


with Midheaven signs: Leo Will take many intellectual journeys. Appetite for study. Will be a good teacher. Virgo Librarian, accountant, literary agent, or a role in the publishing industry. Libra Will be fair. Can be good at sports, law, diplomatic services, or as a vet. Can be cunning. Scorpio Will prefer to work behind the scenes. Clever, with good intellectual powers.


with Midheaven signs:

Leo Excellent business person.

Politics will attract, or can be a government official.

Virgo Town planning, architect, builder, or dentist.

Libra Success in self-employment - as a beautician, optometrist, chemist, or PR work.

Scorpio Possible fame in any typical Scorpio career. Skills for raising funds for charity.


with Midheaven signs: Libra Modelling or advertising. Creative; will enjoy a "different" kind of job.

Scorpio Cosmetic surgery, or scientific research. Good sense of direction, but somewhat eccentric.

Sagittarius Hospitality industry, law, or geographer. Will not take directions easily. Stubborn, but can be very successful.


Sagittarius Needs to travel. Success abroad very likely. Interest in spiritual matters.

"The Centaur imparts strength to limb and keenness to the intellect, swiftness of movement and an indefatigable spirit

Manilius, 1st century

Most Valuable Zodiac

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