with Midheaven signs:

Aries Bossy, good organizer, leadership qualities. Perhaps professional sports person. Taurus Excellent business sense, banking and finance, estate agent, auctioneer. Pisces Will be attracted to and have possible talent for the fine arts, pottery, architecture, the wine trade, the fishing industry.


with Midheaven signs: Taurus Ambitious, cautious, and has good business sense. Gardening, mining, talent for pottery-making and carving. Gemini Financial organizer or journalist. Personal trainer, solicitor, researcher.


with Midheaven signs: Cancer Home lover, caring, well organized. Interior decorator, upholsterer, cook. Children's nurse, midwife.

Leo Good chance of success but will underestimate achievements. Career needs elements of glamour; hotel industry, cosmetics, fashion.


with Midheaven signs: Cancer Success abroad, talent for teaching, the law. Clever with cash.

Leo Good, but autocratic. Armed services, mining, the oil industry.

Virgo Needs emotional involvement in career: doctor, analyst, or literary critic.


with Midheaven signs: Leo Very ambitious, good leader. Money and success. Own business, work abroad.

Virgo Hard worker, very critical; the media, financial journalist. Libra Likely to squander money. Selfish, good at languages. Scorpio Needs an area where specialization is essential -pathology, criminal investigation.


with Midheaven signs: Leo Success in business, enjoys making money and showing off possessions. Restoration work. Virgo Will own/manage country estate or historic buildings. Libra Fashion industry, small unique business in partnership. Scorpio Determination. Wine trade, entertainment manager.


with Midheaven signs: Libra Travel important. Possibly astronomy or archeology. Scorpio Hard working, stubborn. Successful; money important, and spent on glamorous items. Sagittarius Needs intellectual stimulation. Excellent at research and languages. Sociable, trendy.


with Midheaven signs: Sagittarius Probably psychic. May study mythology. Possible writing ability on occult subjects.

"A gentle sort and a lovable breed - no meanness of heart is theirs, and of riches they have neither need nor surfeit

Manilius, 1st century

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