Ascendant Cancer

with Midheaven signs: Aries Shrewd business sense, but prone to risks and gambling. Sports, the armed services, medicine, catering, hospitality, or public relations work. Aquarius Suited as a researcher, teacher, nurse, or translator. Pisces Work abroad, perhaps in the developing nations.

ASCENDANT LEo with Midheaven signs: Aries Leadership skills present. Sportsperson, actor, auctioneer, or barrister. Likes to show off. Taurus Needs to make and spend a lot of money. Banking, property developer, or architect. Pisces Creative, literary, or poetic flair. Can work with children.

ASCENDANT ViRGo with Midheaven signs: Taurus Horticulture, personal assistant, interior decorator, or language teacher. Gemini Journalist, writer, or researcher. Good communicator, and good at selling.


with Midheaven signs: Cancer Will be successful in joint business. Fashion, cosmetic business, or personal trainer. Leo Jeweller or model. Scattered energy, but determination will be necessary for success.

ASCENDANT SCoRPio with Midheaven signs: Cancer Will like making money. Finance, banking, or real estate. Leo A force to reckon with. Very ambitious; will be successful, autocratic, and strict, but with a sense of humour. Virgo Research, detective work. Literary ability. Analyst, surgeon.


with Midheaven signs: Leo Enthusiastic and optimistic. Will be successful. Needs powerful or creative exercise -heavy sport, yoga, or free dance.

Virgo Highly motivated. Excellent for media work, capable of detailed work. Might enjoy riding. Libra Restless. Needs pushing to reach potential. Enjoys good things in life.

Scorpio Broad vision. Capable of intellectually demanding work. Researcher, biographer, or linguist.


with Midheaven signs: Leo Very ambitious. Good organizer and a demanding boss. Suited for law or as lecturer. Virgo Farming, caring professions. May have musical talent. Offbeat sense of humour. Libra Thoughtful, indecisive, versatile, sensible with money. Success comes with determination. Scorpio Needs to concentrate on one subject with many aspects. Archeology, anthropology, or Egyptology.


with Midheaven signs: Libra Travel industry, entertainer, or beautician. Will want to see the world in comfort. Scorpio Conflict between modern and conventional attitude to life. Hard worker. Engineering, motor industry, or mining.

Sagittarius Will be successful. Must develop potential. Original approach towards career. Lecturer, media, films, or airline work.


with Midheaven signs: Sagittarius Will be successful and even famous in career. Must not make too many changes, and should ensure that they are meaningful.

"To pry for hidden things, to smell out riches hidden in the veins of the earth - these skills will come from you."

Manilius, 1st century

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