Ascendant Cancer

with Midheaven signs: Aries The armed services. Determined business person. Will make money and enjoy it. Taurus Children's nurse, kindergarten school teacher. Beautician. Needs security. Aquarius Aroma therapist, masseur, midwifery, air steward. A caring individual. Pisces Nursing, chef, restaurateur, interior decorator. Creative imagination.

ASCENDANT LEo with Midheaven signs: Aries Excellent communicator; the media. Needs to work in partnership.

Taurus The retail trade; good selling ability. Needs security.

Pisces Very creative. The fine arts, dance, luxury trades, modelling.

ASCENDANT ViRGo with Midheaven signs: Taurus Good business sense, quick mind, agriculture, possibly rearing unusual breeds. Horticu lture.

Gemini Excellent at selling luxury goods, expensive cosmetics; good demonstrator. Lively personality.


with Midheaven signs: Cancer The caring professions: nursing, charity work, fund raiser. Emotional involvement with career. Leo Good organizer; hotel work, receptionist, dating agency work.

ASCENDANT SCoRPio with Midheaven signs: Cancer Engineering, chef, bartender, medical profession. Psychic ability, but needs training. Leo Strong desire to make money with excellent, shrewd business sense. Needs business partner; will show off. Virgo Relationship counsellor, gardener, teacher, occupational therapist.


with Midheaven signs:

Virgo The media, working with older people; needs challenge.

Libra Success and possible fame in chosen areas. Work with animals; horse trainer. Has panache, could be daring. Scorpio Tremendous sense of purpose. Criminal investigation, all kinds of research lecturer.


with Midheaven signs: Leo Banker, sculptor, builder, or architect. Needs to see good results from effort. Virgo Osteopath, analyst, accountant. Needs security and regular pay cheques. Libra Bookseller or publisher; real estate; auctioneer. Musical talent.

Scorpio Chemistry, museum curator, engineering; work with metals, restorer.


with Midheaven signs: Virgo Capable of detailed work; design with considerable originality.

Libra A successful career in the arts or fashion industry, possibly theatre.

Scorpio Brilliant but stubborn. Finance, the wine trade, the police.

Sagittarius An adventurous outlook on life. The travel industry, university lecturer, geographer. Needs constant intellectual stimulation.


with Midheaven signs: Sagittarius Needs to be decisive and disciplined in attitude to career. Excellent potential, perhaps for creating original accessories. Photographer.

"The Scorpion creates natures ardent for argument, and a spirit which rejoices in it."

Manilius, 1st century

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