Aquarius in love

Aquarian powers of attraction are at their most powerful when they have admirers, and when Aquarians are equally attracted their response can be compared to a magnetic force. A kind of film star or pop star glamour comes into play. They will dazzle their admirers, but they will also be metaphorically saying (and in no uncertain terms) "keep your distance. You can admire but don't come too close."

They know that to develop the relationship too soon - if they allow it to develop at all - will seriously conflict with their unique free lifestyle, and they will have to sacrifice their beloved independence. This attitude of theirs can also be rooted in a deep psychological desire to protect themselves from other people, or a fear that they may not be able to relate totally to a partner.

However, when Aquarians do fall in love they fall heavily. There is a tendency for them to be attracted to a partner who is "different" in some way. Perhaps he or she has a particularly intriguing career, or - as is often the case - comes from a different ethnic or cultural background. This is sufficiently challenging to add a certain frisson to the relationship.

When the romantic side of their nature is fully expressed it can take on the atmosphere and feeling of a

Hollywood film icon James Dean demonstrated the kind of magnetic appeal that Aquarians can possess.

Expect plenty of disagreements, as well as amicable discussions, in a relationship with an Aquarian.

romantic novel. At times Aquarius will tend to get more than a little carried away, but eventually they will vacillate, and their doubts can have a disastrous effect, so that the balloon, instead of continuing to soar up towards the sky, is punctured and falls (sometimes ungracefully) back down to earth.

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