Aquarius in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

Aquarian symbol of the Water-carrier

Those of us who have an Aquarian friend are fortunate indeed. Here is someone we should treasure and respect. They are extremely faithful, and once the bond between us has been sealed we have a friend for life. The chances are that even if we do not get together for ages, when we do meet up again, we will simply pick up from where we left off. Even if there is a huge distance between us, our Aquarian friend will make full use of all forms of communication and we will find our birthday greetings arriving on the exact day, as well as unexpected phone calls at any time.

If we are in need of help Aquarians will spring to our assistance - almost before we actually tell them in detail what is wrong. Their suggestions will be extremely practical and there will be no hanging around feeling sorry for

Aquarian symbol of the Water-carrier us; just a great deal of practical help and the appliance of a logical and common sense attitude to our problem.

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