Aquarius in Education Jobs and Money

Parents will very soon realize that they have a lively child who will become fascinated by things like flickering reflections or rays of sunshine on a wall, and as soon as the baby starts to move around, the famous Aquarian independent streak will be much in evidence. Crawling off on an adventure into another room will be the first sign, but once there they won't just sit around - they will attempt to make a phone call or turn on the television.

Nursery school should be no problem for them. They will make friends very quickly, but both parents and teachers should be aware that if young Aquarians go off by themselves or stand in a corner looking glum, then something is quite seriously wrong. Maybe they have been asked to join in some simple team activity like "ring-a-ring-o'-roses" and just don't want to. Not forcing them is the best way, and giving them a different toy to play with by themselves is ideal.

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While they like to know where they stand, Aquarian children need encouragement to develop their independent spirit (and certainly there should be no attempt to crush it). They may find it hard to accept the rules at school, so a lot of careful explanation as to why they exist is also important.

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