Aquarius and careers

Aquarians are "people people", so a career where there is direct contact with others will be rewarding. Their caring qualities will be fully expressed when they opt for any area of the medical profession, or for work as tour guides, air stewards, or on cruise lines. In fact the range is extremely wide and very varied.

Because of their free spirit they should try to avoid a simple nine-to-five routine, the predictability of which would drive them crazy, even if the actual work is extremely interesting. Shift work, or being in a job that takes them out and about will be appreciated and satisfying.

To get the best out of Aquarian employees, superiors will soon discover that they need to give them the opportunity to work in their own way. Aquarians do not need the chatter or interference of a niggling boss or colleague. Once they know what they have to do, they will work very hard and all will be well - provided that they are interested in what is going on.

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