Aquarians need a downtoearth business partner

While for the most part Aquarians are not serious or compulsive gamblers, they may succumb to risks. For instance, if asked to put up money to back the development of a new product, they can easily get swept away by enthusiasm and fail to pay attention to the practicality of the product, and could thus lose a lot of cash. They will probably get their fingers burnt only once; with rather more thought they will fail to lose out at all.

starting a vineyard in Australia (because they love Australian wines) when they have spent all their working life on a car production line in Coventry.

When running their business they need a down-to-earth partner to tackle the business side of things. They'll need to apply the iron hand in the velvet glove when the Aquarian gets carried away with the next big thing before checking the state of the first year's profits.


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