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the theatre or film industry costume departments. Wig-making, too, might be worth consideration.

Librans whose success leads them to the top of a profession or industry may find it difficult to cope with the loneliness of a top job, and may not be as happy as they should be. In spite of all the benefits of privilege and increased income they will only really thrive if they can still relate to colleagues they have worked with along the way. Here their Libran tact must come into its own if they are not perceived to be leaning on their workmates and failing to assume the responsibility they have been given.

If working for large organizations in an office or department store (which they particularly enjoy), they will become disproportionately upset when there are squabbles, or if office politics cause problems. If this is the case their partners should try to distract them as often as possible from such annoying, time-consuming situations.

In some very interesting cases the influence of the Libran polar sign, Aries, makes its presence felt, and we find some famous generals who have


At school a Libran child's charm and winning ways will get them a very long way. The strictest, severest teachers are known to find them quite irresistible, so that punishments will be lighter and praise more forthcoming than for many other zodiac types. Because of these charming qualities it is extremely easy to spoil Libran children, and if they go through a stage of throwing tantrums for quite inconsequential reasons it will be because they have previously been allowed to get away with murder. It is, therefore, important that they are quite strictly disciplined early on.

for fair play

If attracted to millinery at art or fashion school, any Libran could certainly find considerable success in this rarefied area of fashion, and should not be put off because of the small number of opportunities available. Look to

Libra prominent in their charts. The attraction to this kind of lifestyle may stem from the individual's need for fair play and a sense ofjustice, rather than the aggressive impulses, which are so much part of life in the armed forces. A liking for fair play and justice can also influence the Libran choice of career in other ways - the law in its various forms has its attractions, and Libran barristers and solicitors do extremely well.

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