Secretive Nature

We must accept the fact that Scorpios are not the "open book" kind of people that we find in other signs. Their secretiveness will sometimes be expressed through their attitude towards money. They are often reluctant to talk about their financial situation, even to partners. They may also conceal the extent of their regular income. Money is the most likely source of conflict between couples, and can very easily become extremely disruptive.

While Scorpios are known to have pretty strong views on what, where, and when to invest, some traditional indications have been proven to be worthwhile over time. These include mining, coal and oil, heavy engineering, armaments, fisheries, the wine trade, and catering. All these sectors have seen some successful investments by this zodiac group. Others, who feel that the stock markets are too risky for investment, will do well to settle for long-term insurance policies. Regular saving in accounts where the element of risk is less will prove much more rewarding in the future. On completion of the policy, the individual will be in a good position to reassess and make changes to his or her lifestyle.

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