Head for Business

The Moon in Capricorn will endow a person with a shrewd business sense. These individuals are quick to recognize opportunities, and it really is up to them to take full advantage of these, with a view to possible progress. They should not put up barriers of excuses, such as that they are insufficiently qualified, or wouldn't be able to take the pressure or responsibility. If they can avoid making such excuses, there is no reason why their Capricorn Moon should not serve them extremely well. It will give them the ability, along with dedication and clear vision, to scale any peak they care to attempt. In addition, all the strong, powerful, and practical qualities of Capricorn will emerge at a moment's notice, together with great determination. The Moon's influence will further ensure that the individual inspires confidence.

"capricorns make very trustworthy colleagues

Steadfast Companions

Capricorns often aspire to partners who are more successful and possibly further up the social ladder than themselves. However, they are really faithful in their relationships, be they personal or business. They like to stand by their lovers and colleagues, especially if the latter are coping with difficult problems.

There is a powerful instinct for self-protection when the Moon is in Capricorn, so the risk-taking factor is low in these individuals. They often learn advanced driving techniques (which is to be encouraged in the young), and are sensible in emergency situations. They are usually sure-footed and walk well - the women often wearing the highest of high heeled shoes without difficulty.

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