Defensive Approach

Challenge Cancerians in discussion or argument and a remarkable defensive system will spring into action - a strong instinctive urge to protect themselves and their family, signalled by a characteristic little frown which appears between the individual's eyebrows.

Emphasizing the need for safety when crossing the road is the type of advice that will be dispensed by overzealous Cancerians.

Doting Lovers

Cancerians make wonderfully sensual lovers, and while enjoying an expressive sex life, their caring and protective instincts can lead to a rather claustrophobic atmosphere. They can become something of a clucking hen, constantly asking their partners if they have everything they need, and if there is anything that can be done for them - even over-emphasizing the care needed when crossing a road, slicing bread, or staying out after dark. For a strongly independent partner who needs freedom of expression within a relationship, there will be differences that must be sorted before any attempt to deepen the commitment is undertaken.

It can be very difficult to end a relationship with a Cancerian. Their tenacity will prevent them from saying goodbye with any kind of resignation, or to accept the situation. They will cling on, hoping their partners change their mind, or even thinking that perhaps they did not mean what they said, that there isn't someone else, and that a little time apart will heal wounds. If this is the case, the Cancerian will be all forgiveness and ready for a fresh start, but the partner may need more freedom. This is hard for many Cancerians to accept. They just have to learn, probably the hard way, to make clean breaks; otherwise, both parties will suffer far more than is necessary, and the healing process will be seriously delayed.

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Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

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