influence on weight gain and lethargy.

Regular exercise is of above average importance. Young people with Taurus rising who are bulky and strong thrive on heavy team games where strength is an asset. Weight-lifting and boxing often appeal, while some will find that steady walking or working-out on machines at their own pace in a pleasant health club will be more acceptable.

The Taurus Bull is shown with a rider in this Turkish illuminatec manuscript of 1550.

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Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

ABOUT fifty years ago, when the subject of English furniture first began to be studied and to be written about, it was divided conveniently into four distinct types. One writer called his books on the subject The Age of Oak, The Age of Walnut, The Age of Mahogany and The Age of Satinwood. It is not really quite as simple as that, for each of the so-called Ages overlaps the others and it is quite impossible to lagt down strict dates as to when any one timber was introduced or when it finally, if ever, went out of favour.

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