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it will become that, in such cases, they have simply had a better offer. They can be very tactful about this, but in the end they are transparent -especially if Aries is the Rising sign. It is here that the subtle influence of Libra - the polar, or opposite, sign across the zodiac - comes into play. Libra is all tact and diplomacy, and will tell untruths so as not to directly upset other people.

Overall, however, our Aries friends are fun, and we always have a good time when with them. Even if their interests are different from ours, their enthusiasm is in itself very infectious.

aries in love

Aries people are impatient, and will not be best pleased if their advances get insufficient encouragement, or, possibly even worse, a very slow, hesitant response. It is of above average importance to them to know how they stand - being "messed about" by indecisive types is anathema, and they will pretty quickly say goodbye.

With this in mind, Ariens do need to realize that, while someone may respond immediately to their attractive personality, the response to a romantic or even downright sexy approach is not necessarily immediate. If they do not show some patience, they may well miss out on a good relationship -whether it lasts but a few weeks or becomes something more long term.

To encourage a new lover, or someone who is being wooed, Ariens will very often ply him or her with little gifts. Thoughtfulness is not lacking, and neither is the variety of ways in which they will make life enjoyable for their lovers. Their enthusiasm for sex is abundant, and they need partners who respond to their exuberant approach. Someone who is sexually inhibited will not be tolerated for very long. Sexual compatability from an early stage is essential in a relationship, but here again the development of a certain amount of patience could be worthwhile.


Aries falls in love very quickly and very often falls out of love with similar haste. These are among the most ardent and passionate lovers in the whole zodiac. Both men and women of the sign are, on the whole, highly sexed, and take sheer pleasure and enjoyment in the whole process - from the chase to the bedroom (or back seat of the car). They enjoy romps with their partner from youth through middle age and onward - indeed, if this is not possible both they and their partners will suffer.

Venus, the goddess of love, flanked by the Ram of Aries and the Scales of its polar sign, Libra.

Too Much Haste

It is also important that Ariens take on board the fact that many partners particularly enjoy foreplay as a sensual prelude to the sexual act. In their haste and natural exuberance, Ariens may be unconcerned with this kind of pacing. Developing a somewhat more gradual, romantic approach and technique is really very advisable.

All these indications will certainly not fade as Aries lovers grow older, when we can expect the same lively approach and enthusiasm for a sexual romp. Whether the actual performance will be as satisfying for both partners concerned is, of course, a moot point.

aries in permanent relationships

Here we still see the same enthusiasm and exuberance for love and sex, but, once Aries has made a commitment to become a long-term partner and has taken time to be sure that this is what is seriously desired, all kinds of interesting qualities emerge.

They are great home builders, not only from the point of view of adjusting to a changed lifestyle, but also from a practical point of view. They have what it takes to develop all kinds of necessary skills for DIY projects, and, even if there is no serious lack of funds, many Ariens will simply prefer to get busy themselves rather than employ a professional. However, Aries' fiery enthusiasm can fade, so it is important that the partner gives continual nudging if the kitchen cupboard doors are not to remain piled up in the garage because the Arien is tremendously busy elsewhere!

Where long-term relationships can suffer is through Aries' selfishness. This can emerge in different ways.

An example might be that because Aries hobbies or spare-time interests are so engrossing, they lead to the neglect of the partner and his or her interests. Similarly, if their career is very demanding, and work is brought home to do in the evenings or if their job takes them away on frequent business trips, there can be trouble -even if the Arien motivation is to make a better life for the family. In addition, if the sex life is unsatisfactory, it will not be too long before Ariens start looking in other directions. Aries' restlessness can also be a problem, and to counter both this and any expression of selfishness, the development ofjoint interests with the partner will be an enormously positive step.

Polar Opposites

In permanent relationships, partners quite often respond to each other in the manner of their Rising sign's polar sign. For Aries, this is Libra. It seems almost unbelievable that any Aries would say, "Let's wait and see what happens," but within a close, permanent relationship this will indeed happen. A permanent partner will also bring out Aries' romantic side.

If children are planned, Ariens make excellent and very lively parents, and will shower children with encouragement. They can be a bit too forceful, however, and may not give enough attention to the child's own skills.

'a permanent partner will bring out the romantic in ariens"

The youngest Aries will be excited and stimulated by the challenge of new toys, paints, and building bricks.

The youngest Aries will be excited and stimulated by the challenge of new toys, paints, and building bricks.

? \r- .

Aries in Education, Jobs, and Money

Giving the youngest Aries a feeling of independence is important. Even if parents are concerned about safety, it is a really good thing to allow the very young members of this sign to do their own thing, if only for a few minutes at a time. The chances are that they will love nursery school, and while their natural exuberance will be likely to make the teacher's life tricky from time to time, the challenge of new toys, paints, and building bricks will be exciting and stimulating for the child; and parents will soon see rapid developments.

When it comes to full-time day school, it is a good thing to encourage young Ariens to take some of their own toys with them, and if there happens to be a rather shy child in the class it will be advantageous to both of them if the Aries child can encourage the timid one to play with him or her. This will help develop a sense of sharing and rapport, and thereby help to balance any Arien selfishness and determination to win at all costs.

This is the calendar page for March from the Bedford Hours, an illuminated manuscript made in France in about 1423.

The Growing Rebel

As Aries gets older there will be restlessness, both at school and at home. However, if it is possible to sense the direction in which the child's potential lies, it will not be too difficult for the parents to give full support and backing. It should be remembered that Ariens hate discipline and will soon see through any stupid school rules, so it is essential that the reasons for rules are thoroughly understood. Young Ariens will definitely thrive if given their head; they will make mistakes, like all youngsters, but probably more often than most.

When it is time for further education or training, it can be all too easy for Ariens to change course in mid-stream. If changes are suggested, parents must do everything in their power to point out to their offspring that this will only slow down their progress in life, and that the prospect of their "winning" will recede into the distance. That is sure to be something they will not like.

This is the calendar page for March from the Bedford Hours, an illuminated manuscript made in France in about 1423.


Aries is the first of the three fire signs. Symbolically, we can say that the Aries fire is strongly charged with emotion, which starts to flare up and crackle at the least provocation. This can be evidenced in warm, lively, and positive enthusiasm. Conversely, however, petty annoyance can turn to fierce anger which, like sudden flames, soon burns out, but without resentment or sulkiness on the part of the individual. When the Aries fire dies on other occasions, it will be because Aries gets bored or feels that what is going on is unsatisfactory. It is their lively sense of immediacy, spurred into positive action, that is so admirable and infectious, and forms an important part of the Aries Sun-sign personality.

a 1920s image of Aries by Joseph Speybrouck shows the Ram placed beside the goddess of love, Venus, who rules Aries' polar sign, Libra.

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