Venus and Neptune

CONJUNCTION Here are the diehard romantics. There is sensitivity and an idealistic attitude which, sadly, can lead to heartbreak and disappointment. A "cloud nine" influence. POSITIVE ASPECT Very similar to the conjunction, but there is even greater romanticism, along with kindness and sympathy, adding to the enjoyment of the love life. Often creative potential. NEGATIVE ASPECT It can be difficult for these individuals to relax into the pleasures of love and sex, and there will be a tendency towards restlessness and sometimes discontent. Emotions will overwhelm partners at times.

Venus and Pluto

CONJUNCTION This placing increases passion, with these individuals falling desperately and very deeply in love. The need for sexual fulfilment is high, and a smouldering and sexy image can be stunningly seductive. POSITIVE ASPECT As with conjunction, with increased powers of sex appeal (especially for those with Pluto in Scorpio). A clever and intuitive financial/business sense.

NEGATIVE ASPECT These aspects cause difficulties in the expression of emotion. There is intensity and passion, but inhibition blocking emotions and a rewarding sex life. Sometimes therapy is required.

Venus and Chiron

CONJUNCTION There is an over-idealized opinion of lovers and a huge yearning for romance. Lovemaking needs to take place in beautiful and seductive surroundings. POSITIVE ASPECT A tendency to make far too many sacrifices for the partner, so that self-identity is lost. The expression of love is sometimes made through devotion to a study, interest, or hobby which can go on to assume great importance.

N E G ATI VE AS PECT The emotional level is very high, and at times these individuals will succumb to hugely dramatic scenes. They need a positive outlet and expression of this powerful force.

A preoccupation with romantic settings is a common trait when Venus and Chiron are in conjunction.

The ability to excel in dangerous occupations is enhanced when Mars and Saturn are in positive aspect.

The ability to excel in dangerous occupations is enhanced when Mars and Saturn are in positive aspect.

THE ASPECTS OF MARS Mars and Jupiter

CONJUNCTION Here is the aspect that makes people "get up and go" -physically or intellectually. There is energy and enthusiasm for challenges (often sporting), along with initiative, decisiveness, and a forthright, uncomplicated attitude. POSITIVE ASPECT Optimism, enthusiasm, and most of the strong qualities of the conjunction - but with a tendency to express opinions over-assertively. NEGATIVE ASPECT Restlessness, a tendency to exaggerate and overdo things; but there is physical and intellectual energy, and possibly risk-taking and gambling.

Mars and Saturn

CONJUNCTION There are periods when these individuals feel confident and assertive, while during others they seriously lack self-confidence. This aspect affects health due to periods of overwork - burn-out and vulnerability to colds and/or depression follows.

POSITIVE ASPECT The ability to cope and work in difficult or even dangerous conditions is present. The will to succeed is there, but also a need to conserve physical energy. NEGATIVE ASPECT This is a "blow hot, blow cold" influence. Devising and keeping to a regular routine will help to regulate the flow of energy.

Mars and Uranus

CONJUNCTION Great determination and self-will is combined with obstinacy. Frankness and outspokenness is usual, and it is important that these individuals do not become too fanatical in opinion. A powerful position is often enjoyed. POSITIVE ASPECT These people are very highly motivated and will burn up abundant nervous energy. Flair for engineering or science is present; also extremely quick reactions and considerable originality. NEGATIVE ASPECT This is a source of nervous strain and tension, perhaps due to overwork. Migraines can result.

Argumentativeness and perversity usually emerge in these individuals from time to time.

Mars and Neptune

CONJUNCTION A rich and colourful imagination and fantasy life - both of which are fine if used creatively. Physical energy is low, so exhaustion can occur. Vulnerability to even medical drugs is common for all these aspects.

POSITIVE ASPECT A rich imagination which is usually rewardingly expressed The emotions are heightened and will find easy and rewarding expression through sex.

NEGATIVE ASPECT This influence brings tension, which is quite often relieved through smoking, drinking, or taking recreational drugs. Good imaginative potential is present, but needs encouragement to be expressed positively.

Mars and Pluto

CONJUNCTION Although stubbornness is common, it motivates an energetic determination. There is aggression in this energy which could be countered by karate or other martial arts. A power complex can emerge, especially if the Bravery is a planets are in Scorpio.

hallmark of the Mars and Chiron conjunction

POSITIVE ASPECT The physical and emotional energy is increased and will always be positively expressed when there is emotional involvement in the career or in some demanding interest or activity. NEGATIVE ASPECT A tendency to work to breaking point, since the same energy increase is present as with the conjunction. Often, these individuals must overcome serious obstacles in order to succeed.

Mars and Chiron

CONJUNCTION Here is a decided warrior instinct expressed through bravery and assertiveness, and perhaps a somewhat devil-may-care attitude. Good-heartedness and caring reactions contrast - but sit happily with - these very different qualities. POSITIVE ASPECT An excellent influence, with one Chiron specialist discovering that these individuals very often have lucky breaks in life. They are also endowed with an excellent sense of timing. NEGATIVE ASPECT This placing also adds bravery, with care and understanding being expressed towards weaker people who will also benefit considerably from the individual's Chiron strength and assertiveness.

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