look, not only at the position of each planet vis-à-vis its companions in the solar system, but also at the angles they make to one another. Those angles must be accurate to within a matter of a very few degrees, which means using extremely detailed tables of planetary movements. In this book, we provide a simplified but good approximation, which is sufficient for the purpose of an all-round introduction to the subject.

One way of thinking about this is to compare the roughly drawn map of a country provided in a local guide book with the full ordnance survey map of the same area. The former will show you the major towns, the main roads which connect them; show you the quickest way from A to B; the major topographical features; and give a broad understanding of the terrain. The ordnance survey map will show the minor roads too, and give you map references - in it, you can "read" the detail.

Anyone who finds this book sufficiently interesting and wants to take the subject at least one large step

An illustration of "Twelve Heathen Philosphers" from a Bohemian astrological manuscript of the 14th century.

further could simply feed the words "birth chart" into their Web search engine. Of approximately 750,000 sites currently listed, a very Any thinking man or large number offer a woman must make fully calculated chart some attempt to connect drawn up for the time, date, and place of your their experience of Life ^ '

., J. birth. This will lend with the wider universe an extra dimension to the statements and interpretations in this book. This is especially useful if the Sun (an "honorary planet" to astrologers), is moving from one sign into another on the day of your birth. A fully calculated birth chart will give you the exact time when Mars moves from Taurus into Gemini, say, or Venus from Capricorn into Aquarius. This can make all the difference between a broadly sketched out character portrait and a fully fleshed out depiction of the person.

As an introduction to the practice of astrology, this book aims to present the facts simply but in enough detail to enable the reader to decide whether the road it indicates is sufficiently interesting for further, more detailed travel.

We hope that we show that it is.

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