same warm charm and need for a harmonious and well-balanced life, and particularly the need to relate in a full partnership. We deal with this all-important sphere of life in some detail below: suffice to say here that the psychological motivation towards partnership is probably at its strongest when Libra is the Rising sign. The influence of the assertive polar sign, Aries, comes into its own in this respect also.

There is a real sense of urgency in the search for a partner, and sadly mistakes will be made. One would think that the individual would learn the hard way, but this is not necessarily so, for the drive is very strong and, in most cases, overcomes the otherwise typical Libran indecision, so that the individual often dives prematurely into relationships. At such times there is a tendency to put the self first, which can be one cause of an equally speedy end to the relationship. Someone with Libra Rising must be aware of this tendency, which is most uncharacteristic of Sun- or Moon-sign Librans.

The Ascendant, or Rising sign, has a strong bearing on the individual's health. A vulnerability to headaches is marked with this sign. Libra, by tradition, rules the kidneys; therefore, it is advisable for them to see a doctor should headaches persist over any length of time. Libra is a sign that enables one in most cases to deal extremely well with stress or anxiety, so there should be few problems there. If problems do occur, chances are that the Libran is faced with a difficult decision which, even if hope springs eternal, just won't go away. At such times, those with a strong Libran influence should always confide in a sympathetic friend - in much the same way that their friends confide in them

The Libran Scales is the only zodiac symbol that does not represent a living creature.

Sport and physical fitness are important to those with Libra as their Rising sign.

when under stress. The need to talk important problems through is important to all of us, but under Libra one should never bottle up problems. Many with Libra as their Rising sign enjoy demanding and tough sports. They are motivated to use their physical energy in a dynamic and rewarding way, so sports, dance, and physical fitness are more important to them than to those Librans who are laid-back and who actually dislike exercise.

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Antique Collecting

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