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Astrological Terminology

According to the ancient system the zodiac is divided into quadrants by four points called cardines (sg. cardo), now known as angles. The one in the East is now called the ascendant its opposite is the descendant. The highest point is the Medium Coelum (now the Medium Coeli) the lowest is the Imum Coelum. These last two are usually abbreviated to MC and IMC in Firmicus and other ancient writers. In the ancient world the ascendant was known both in Greek and Latin as the horoscopus, a word which has come to mean to us the nativity, or chart (Latingenitura), that is, a map of the planets, Sun, and Moon at the moment of birth.

Resources For History

It may seem peverse to introduce a series of books on ancient topics partly by means of a history of more recent ways of looking at the past. But it does help us to decide what history means for a topic so difficult to define as science. It also contributes to the purpose of this series, in that readers with knowledge of later periods may be invited to think about the nature of Greek 'science' in those periods. Rather than of transmission, influence and so on, we can tell a story of how ancient writings came to be used as resources by later writers. Aristotle's descriptions of eternal and godless species of animals were a resource, a mine of information that could be quarried by the Arabs in arguing that God was distant from the world and by the Christians up to the nineteenth century in arguing that on the contrary God was very close to the world.

Moon In The First House

You are emotional, sensitive and changeable, and everything depends on how you feel thus you tend to be moody. You can be successful with the public once you overcome your basic timidity. Your need for recognition makes you eager to please, and resentful if you feel that your efforts are not appreciated. You have close maternal ties, and if the Moon is conjunct the Ascendant, it may give a mother complex. Your imagination is strong, and you are very sensitive to your surroundings. You are physically active, and if your Moon is in a cardinal or mutable sign, it can cause restlessness. Columnist William F. Buckley, comedian Will Rogers, baseball player Babe Ruth, writer Marcel Proust.

Gemini On The Ascendant

Two personalities in one body fighting for control Indecisive and unsure. Friendly, adaptable, witty and clever. Extremely nervous and highstrung. Temperamental Appear confident but lack confidence and inner sureness. People make them nervous but they love an audience for they love to talk. Talk with their hands as well ss with their tongues. Make good conversationalists, writers, and reporters. Function from their minds and are very active mentally. Good dispositions when they are calm and serene within. Note position by sign and house and aspects of Mercury to know how this personality projects itself into the outer world.

The New York Stock Exchange

The trend of stock market prices tends to conform to the major trend of the Business Curve, However, the Stock Market is under a set of individual conditions of its own. These governing planetary factors may be told by studying the Chart of the New York Stock Exchange as originated by the writer. Planets on the angles of the New York Stock Exchange Chart clearly indicate Market conditions. Aspects favorable and unfavorable between Saturn and Uranus or Pluto, definitely indicate stock trends and aspects between Mars and Neptune, the two planetary rulers of the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart and the aspects from other major planets to Mars and Neptune, indicate what the Stock Market price averages will do. These are taken up in detail in Chapter III. Chapter II shows how Stock Market trends and Business Cycles are correlated.

Q Ix Mercury In Gemini

Pure logical reasoning can be carried to its highest here, especially if Mercury is well aspected. You are versatile, unbiased, and impersonal in your ability to perceive the truth. You have an excellent vocabulary at your command you enjoy learning and are able to communicate well and easily. A highly sensitive nervous system is the basis of your agile mind. You are witty, talkative, charming and interested in everyday affairs. Your thinking is full of dash, flash and lightning, and you often use your hands to express yourself. Fond of intellectual pursuits, you could be a writer or a public speaker. You must watch your need for change and novelty, since this can lead to superficiality or a lack of thoroughness. Writer George Sand, writer Jean Cocteau, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, columnist Hedda Hopper, President Harry Truman.

0 Ee Mercury In Cancer keyword receptive

Pressionable and changeable, you are sensitive to your surroundings kindness and praise are the best ways to get through to you. Your mind is retentive, and your thinking js creative. You have flashes of intuition, and you like poetry You are a sensitive listener, full of sympathy for the suffering of others, but you might have trouble thinking objectively since your emotions are always involved. This could lead to feeling sorry for yourself. You are diplomatic and have good business ability, although much of your orientation is around home and family. If your Mercury has many challenging aspects, you might be evasive rather than honest. Writer Pearl Buck, writer Thomas Mann, attorney F. Lee Bailey, billionaire John D. Rockefeller, Sr., poet Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Humanistic Psychology Humanistic Astrology

I mean, very literally, that any statement we make about the world (the out there ) is inevitably, inescapably a statement about our theory of ourselves (the in here ) . The ultimate subjectivity of all that we call objective is expressed by many writers, from varied backgrounds . The revival of humanistic psychology means that scientific attention is once again directed toward the primacy of the subjective, (pp. 5-7)

D A if Moon Trine Jupiter Moon Sextile Jupiter

Rejjgj0n, sports, journalism and travel. This is a good aspect for writers and philosophers. Women are attracted to a jupiterian type of man, and men with these aspects find that women bring benefits. Because it can indicate relaxed moral values, this is often found in the charts of violent criminals. political philosopher Karl Marx ( A ), composer Wolfgang A madeus Mozart ( * )._

Mercury In The Second House

You value that which you think can produce practical results, are oriented toward money and business, and can be either tight or very free spending, depending on the sign and the aspects Mercury makes. You like to make quick decisions and have a good mind for rational, commercial, clerical or educational occupations. This is a good position for economists, corporate planners, salespeople, writers with mass appeal, publishers, and any profession involving communications. Nazi leader Hermann Goering, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, Governor Ronald Reagan.

Mercury In The Third House

You are very intelligent, with good reasoning and conversational powers. You can make quick decisions your thinking is accurate and exact. You have literary talent, are a good secretary, an ardent letter writer and an excellent reporter. You are attracted to research and investigation. The affairs of your siblings and relatives are important to you in fact, you Wight work for a relative. You are curious about all facets of life. It is wise for you to choose a profession that keeps you on the move, since you are restless by nature. With challenging aspects you could overdo a good thing and frazzle your nerves by overwork or over-worry you could develop intestinal problems or you may tend to exaggeration and even deceit. With a difficult Mercury it would be better to study all documents and agreements before signing. Smoking is a no-no. Writer Charles Dickens, playwright Eugene O'Neill, psychic Uri Geller, actor Cary Grant.

Early Mesopotamian Evidence

The mention of the lamb's entrails refers to the practice of sacrifice and the related form of divination, inspection of the entrails, or extispicy. This was the dominant method of seeking messages from the gods during the second millennium BCE. The secondary status of divination from celestial phenomena in relation to extispicy is suggested by a letter from a diviner found in Mari, on the middle Euphrates, which dates back to the time of Hammurabi (around 1780 BCE. The writer reports an eclipse of the Moon, which he suspects is a bad omen. However, he is not content to interpret it on its own terms, but checks it by means of extispicy.4

2 The Nine Planetary Types

Relative to career proclivities, Mercury types excel at languages and at statistics, though they may get caught in trivia. They are helpful and service oriented and can be comfortable with background or dependent roles. They make good secretaries, teachers and writers. They work well in the mass media and make good moderators and interviewers. They often have special powers of acting and are good at imitation

2f Mercury Square Jupiter Mercury Opposition Jupiter

You want to start at the top, expect too much of others or try to take the easy way out. You can be a good bluffer. Education is important to you, but it might be interrupted. Curious and impulsive, your intentions are often better than your actions. You have difficulty focusing your beliefs, philosophies or abilities to communicate, but you can conquer these problems. You can be proficient in law, education, literature or public relations. This is a good aspect for politicians. Writer Ralph Waldo Emerson ( ), Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ().

Of The Eleventh House

Zael, Haly, Abenragel, Adila, Gerald, and manuscript writers of the olden time, state the eleventh house of heaven as being the bouse of knights, esquires, ambassadors, and servants of great princes. Another author, Alcabitius, states that if a watery sign be on the cusp of this house, it is fortunate if an airy sign, it is typical of friends if an earthy sign, it denotes legacies or property of ancestors if a fiery sign-, it signifies honor and princely credit. This of course requires some limitation if evil planets should be there yet the Arabian Astrologers, it must be confessed, were far more clever in the art than the Europeans are, and in horary Astrology especially, the student will do well to attend rather closely to their rules, ere he rejects any part as superfluous. Other writers of the same period say, this house signifies the money or substance of monarchs, being the second house to the tenth and brethren of religious persons, for it is third to the ninth house and

Venus In The Third House

And generally you can always see the other person's point of view. Your mind is refined, and you express yourself well. Fond of studying, you enjoy lots of running around and short trips. Charming and intellectual, your good nature endears you to everyone. Artistic and creative, you could be a good writer if you don't write books at least you write interesting letters. You do not like to argue you prefer to achieve your aims by persuasion rather than by pressure. With difficult aspects, you tend to be fickle, decadent and superficial. Cornelia Wallace (wife of Governor George F.), Governor Ronald Reagan, playwright Noel Coward, actor Lew Ayres.

Reading The Horoscope Introductory

The student should also endeavor to cultivate perfect confidence in the science of Astrology. There is nothing empirical about character reading and diagnosis. In those respects it is plain as A B C. Predictions may fail because the Astrologer is unable to determine the strength of will of the person for whom he predicts, but the latent tendencies are always accurately foreshown. The writers have found that where they do not personally know the people who characteristics they read, their delineations are much deeper and more accurate than otherwise because

Venus In The Sixth House

You like to give service, and you get along famously with your co-workers, servants and employees. You function best when others respect your habit patterns. You enjoy artistic work, and you often do business with or for women. You prefer jobs where you need not dirty your hands. You are always ready to lend a helping hand, so this is a good position for mediators, counselors of all kinds, arbitrators and health workers. Your health is generally good, and you are conscious of your clothes and diet. With difficult aspects, you should avoid too much sugar and starch. You may tend to be self-indulgent, and you may be unwilling to make adjustments. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung, composer Frederick Chopin, TV actress Kay Lenz, writer Rod Serling.

Venus In The Ninth House

You have keen intuition and enjoy the higher cultural aspects of life. Fond of study, you are usually well educated. Venus in this position smooths the path of your life. Philosophical, kind, sympathetic and helpful, your tastes are artistic and refined. You may marry a foreigner, or perhaps you will spend much time traveling abroad. If you marry, you will probably have a good relationship with your in-laws. If the aspects are challenging, you might be lazy and indifferent, or perhaps you will have too much missionary or religious zeal. Educator Maria Montessori, writer Thomas Mann, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, actress Mary Tyler Moore. _

Venus In The Eleventh House

You have a variety of friends, especially of the opposite sex, and they may all be helpful to you in your career and personal life. You have many artistic acquaintances and may marry someone in your profession. You are successful working with clubs and organizations perhaps you may be involved in philanthropy. You tend to be too idealistic and need to be more realistic in order to achieve your desired aims. With difficult aspects, you might choose the wrong friends and may suffer many disappointments through them. Writer Ernest Hemingway, designer Coco Chanel, actress Catherine Deneuve, football player O.J. Simpson.

Auspicious Careers

The most favorable career choices for the Horse involve close contact with people and plenty of variety. As a sportsperson, athlete, politician, or public speaker, the Horse will be at the top of their game. A person born in a horse year will also do well in politics. The Horse loves to make speeches, has a way with the crowd, and can always sway opinions. In the theater, as both actor and writer, the Horse can find tremendous personal satisfaction and expression. The Horse is an extrovert, needs to be surrounded by people, and enjoys work outdoors. They make good business leaders they are decisive, and their instincts are sound. Horses speculate wisely, and they know how to turn a bad situation to their advantage. Horses will also be especially successful as artists and craftspeople, adventurers and explorers, designers, lawyers, teachers, professional athletes, skilled technicians, long-distance truck drivers, supervisors, land and geology surveyors, diplomats, travel agents, or...

Mars In The Fifth House

You are athletic, impulsive and fickle. You love to compete but are a bad loser. You work well with children and can be an excellent disciplinarian. Sociable and a born promoter, you may tend to be self-indulgent and at times foolhardy. You are very sexual, romantic and idealistic. With challenging aspects, you should not gamble and must be very cautious in any speculative dealings. Your children could cause you some unhappiness, but this is usually a good house for Mars. Actress Hedy Lamarr, writer Pearl Buck, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, actor Hal Holbrook.

Mercury In The Twelve Houses

Mercury in the Second House is good for gain through mercurial occupations especially where the person is employed by someone else so that he appears in a true mercurial capacity as agent, messenger, clerk, writer or whatever else. Mercury in the Tenth House, well-aspected, shows adaptability and resourcefulness such as enable the person to cope with all the contingencies of life. It makes a successful lecturer, publisher or writer and is also favorable to success in one of the occult occupations. If Mercury is placed in one of the airy signs the power of expression is much enhanced. Frequently people with Mercury in this position have several occupations, but usually they succeed best in a subordinate capacity.

Mercury in the Tenth House

Mercury in the Tenth House has no trouble communicating ideas to others and can often do so in a variety of ways. These people have intellectually stimulating careers and may be found in writing or communications. They tend to get an education so they can achieve significant social positions. They also can be associated with highlevel political leaders and may become speech writers or political strategists. Politicians with this placement become known for their intelligent ideas. There may be travel involved in the career or there may be more than one job.

Inspirational Pa trio tic

The young Sagittarius girl is often quite inspirational. She loves singing gospel hymns, and pledging allegiance to the flag is usually a profoundly moving experience for her. Many Sagittarius Women become deeply religious because of these early experiences. They make brilliant preachers, religious writers, and spiritual teachers because of their own powerful capacity to inspire others.

The Moon in the Twelfth House

The Moon in the Twelfth House is sensitive, receptive, and intuitive, almost as if it's got radar, but it also can be easily hurt and may hide its true feelings. There will be a need for alone time or seclusion to process these feelings, meditate, or pursue spiritual teachings. If they don't get this, these people may feel pressured and will need to escape, either by zoning out, or through fantasy. They also have a creative imagination, and so this placement is commonly found in writers. These people also make good counselors because they're so sensitive to the feelings of others. This placement primarily indicates people whose feelings and emotional responses are heavily tied to their subconscious or past lives, and for this reason they may not understand why they feel the way they do.

2f d h Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

Although life seems hard and there is constant struggle, you have a specific mission to fulfill and go about this with great singleness of purpose. This conjunction shows an integration of fundamental motives poise ( v ) and hard work ( h ). You are usually fortunate within the establishment and have big-business ability as well as intellectual and political power. If you are religious, it is in an orthodox way. When there are challenging aspects to this conjunction, you may lack discrimination and inner guidance. Physicist Enrico Fermi, writer Alex Haley.

Jttutttant IBtrecttotuf

Placidus de Titus (mathematician to the archduke Leopold of Austria,) was the first writer on this system and there can be too doubt of their efficacy, when we reflect that daily experience confirms the wonderful power which the planets have over all sublunary affairs by their mundane rising, setting, and culminating this no one in their senses we think can deny. The proofs of these directions are open to the reader by the following problems

The Doctrine Of Delineation In A Nutshell

In a similar manner students may combine the key-words of all the other planets and aspects from this Table and elaborate on them as they can. This will enable them to give a good reading of any horoscope with a little practice. For further practical demonstration of this method students are advised to study the children's horoscopes in Rays from the Rose Cross, where the writer makes use of it every month. These horoscopes are a mine of instruction which not student desiring to perfect himself in the stellar science can afford to be without. The key-words will bring to his mind what has been said about the general nature of the planets

Saturn In The Fourth House

Anxious about old age, you have many responsibilities in your home this could even include taking care of elderly relatives. There is a possibility of the early loss of a parent or difficulties with one of them. You are very attached to your family, and may cling too much to the past. Although you seem independent, you are afraid of leaving your parents yet you will be much happier once you are away from your place of birth. You feel inadequate and insecure, but these feelings make you try doubly hard at anything you do this can lead to great achievements. You take great pride in your family ancestry, love antiques and are successful in dealing with land or real estate. Poor aspects can lead to digestive problems due to excessive worry and emotionalism. A good spiritual attitude can help you overcome many of these restricting feelings. Actress Judy Garland, physicist Albert Einstein, writer Ernest Hemingway, singer Peggy Lee.

Saturn In The Fifth House

Pression can be hampered unless you learn to give of yourself and take care of others. If you speculate, you will do it wisely and well. You can be a good teacher and disciplinarian. You are attracted to older people, and to those who have a serious and purposeful outlook in life. With challenging aspects to Saturn, you may experience timidity, psychological and sexual hangups or the frittering away of talents and potentials. Yet if you use this position well it can lead to deep love, loyalty, creativity and great scientific achievements. Writer Zelda Fitzgerald, scientist Marie Curie, columnist Hed-da Hopper, Governor Ronald Reagan, singer Mick Jagger.

H 9 Saturn Square Pluto hi Saturn Opposition Pluto

Once you learn to plan, you have the ability to succeed as an executive, but your emotional insecurity makes you loath to admit that others know more than you do. Therefore you often appear dictatorial. You can be a poor loser, and may have unpredictable behavior patterns. Because you fear poverty, status is important to you. You may be too hasty in your efforts to reach the top and need to cultivate patience. Writer Thomas Mann ( ), writer Ernest Hemingway (

Personal Versus Historic Aspects

The Magi Society has a theory about planetary aspects that is derived from a great deal of research. The database we use for our research is enormous. In fact, outside of government institutions, the Magi Society has the largest database of birth dates of talented people that we are aware of. It is so large that it includes the birth dates of almost every extraordinarily talented person in every artistic and professional field. More specifically, our database is comprised of every professional athlete who has ever played football, baseball, basketball, and hockey in the U.S.-and almost every great dancer, musician, singer, actor, poet, writer, politician, inventor, and scientist, as well as most super successful entrepreneurs. We even have the birth dates of almost every racehorse that has competed in the U.S. as a thoroughbred in the last two decades (the birth dates of horses are called foaling dates).

H 77 y Saturn Inconjunct Neptune

You are disturbed by any suffering and injustice around you although you desire to bring about changes, you feel very guilty when you have neither the energy nor willpower to do so. Motivated in spiritual, intuitive areas, you have poetic and philosophical qualities. When there are more obligations than you can handle, you tend to escape from reality. That escape can take a physical or psychological form such as exhaustion, hard-to-diagnose illnesses or a fairy-tale sense of reality. Writer Rabindranath Tagore, singer Judy Collins.

Univ Calif Digitized by Microsoft

The most powerful planet in the map also has some influence on the employment. In this, denotes writers, anthors, accountants, teachers, stationers, booksellers, and those who livo by stipend or salary 9 signifies employment among wines, dress, ornaments, perfumery, flowers, and those engaged on the stage tf produces soldiers, and such a9 work by fire or iron, cooks, butchers, shipwrights, carpenters, &c. 11 shows lawyers, councillors, divines, clothiers, tailors, revenue officers, judges and public characters I denotes printers, agriculturists, sextons, and sometimes divines, especially if in or A to 1 y showsastrologcrs, antiquarians, curiosity dealers, and all who follow a strange and uncommon employment. If d* anc' b are the chief ruling planets, and in d or bad aspect, the native takes to thieving and forging, swindling and unlawful pursuits. If 9 join i and Cf, they are sculptors, painters, artists and engravers. The O favourably aspectcd by Ij or y, gives employment in the...

Using the Moon in the Signs

Knowing the location of the Moon is a lot of fun. Over the years, I've found that I enjoy certain lunar placements more than others. As a writer, I love Moon in Gemini. I always hope to accomplish a lot on those few days even though experience has shown me that Moon in Gemini pulls in out-of-town visitors and unavoidable engagements more than any other sign and sets the phone to ringing in a way that seems beyond my control. Nonetheless, when I do sit at my desk on those days, the words pour out.

What W ere tke Ancients Writing in Their Books

First of all, the Ancients wrote only on matters of importance. Very few knew bow to write (and 1 do not mean chat what Goethe meant). This conclusion is arrived at by looking into the 'World's Almanac wbeie the proportion of illiteracy is shown. The tables are of recent years. Let us go back a thousand years to judge the possible conditions of two thousand more years ago. It was noc only a question of setting one word next to mother, such as scribes do, but a matter of inventing stories to explain hidden laws. Work and Days of Hesiod, the Fables of Aesop instruct us on these laws. Many writers at that time wrote also about wars. ITieic wars never occurred actually, just as little as Nero or Caesar ever lived. They merely lived in the brains of the writers. In fact, in mj Previews of 1939-1940 1 made already the statement, that the classic Greek as well as the Latin language are both invented languages, never spoken by anyone. Since chat time it has been confirmed in many ways and I...

Pluto In The Ninth House

Restless, eager and adventurous, you are willing to try anything and to experience all. You may aspire to an impossible dream. You must travel foreign lands may beckon you, and you could be a space traveler. You might take a foreign spouse, or you may be a refugee. You have an insatiable need for learning and can be a good writer of occult, mystery or sex novels. You may change your culture or religion. With difficult aspects, you may be bigoted, opinionated and unwilling to listen to another's viewpoint. You may have legal problems with authorities, often in foreign lands, or problems with your in-laws. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, writer Thomas Mann, explorer Robert Peary, Greek shipping magnate Stavros Niar-chos.

Writing a Novel or Screenplay

I often work in the writers' room of a private library, so I know how many people are struggling with novels, screenplays, and other writing projects. I see them all the time, shuffling their index cards, marking up their print-outs, staring disconsolately at the screens of their laptops, or playing solitaire. I sympathize. Writing projects are like diets easy to begin and easy to put aside. Here's how to better your odds of completing your project

Pluto In The Eleventh House

You are intensely loyal, have a strong communal sense, an urge to reform and a wealth of plans. Interested in worldly affairs, you may participate in reform movements or social improvements. Your friends are important to you, and you are helpful to them however you must take care that they do not influence your life too strongly. With challenging aspects you must learn to discriminate in your choice of associates, because you may be attracted to those who will lead you astray. This placement often indicates a loner. President Lyndon Johnson, writer Zelda Fitzgerald, actress Marilyn Monroe, baseball player Jackie Robinson.

Esoteric Technologies

Over the following years, the company created several additional software products, which cater to a range of astrological requirements Solar Maps, for astro-locality mapping Solar Writer, for professional astrological report writers Solar Spark, a real-time astrological clock and JigSaw, for astrological research and chart group analysis.

Astrological Literature Under The Christian Empire

For the Greek writers, by this period, the importance of Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos is clear, since they refer to his work or excerpt it. But although the fundamentals of Ptolemy's system are preserved, considerable variations are possible. None of the works are as restrained in style of analysis. Paul of Alexandria, in the fourth century, wrote an elementary work addressed to his son Cronammon. Its importance is suggested by the fact that a course of lectures about it was given in Alexandria between May and July of 564 CE, probably by Olympiodorus, a scholar of Aristotle.70 It is this which has come down to us under the name of Heliodorus.71 This would suggest that astrology could be fully part of the quadrivium and perhaps of the philosophical curriculum, still in the middle of the sixth century. As for Paul, we are able to date his work because he gives as an example for computation 'today, 20 Mecheir, 94th year of Diocletian', which corresponds to 14 February 378 CE.72 Paul offers some...

Planets As Benefic Or Malefic

Some astrologers have suggested that the terms benefic and malefic be done away with, like those of good and evil. Such terms as expansive and contractive planets may be preferable in many instances, as these writers suggest, or planets which create or resolve difficulties. Yet the capacity of badly disposed planets to do harm in life should not be underestimated. Nor can the influences of such difficult planets be very easily neutralized. Similarly, the capacity of well-disposed planets to bring unexpected help or benefits should not be overlooked. Planets may not function in a simplistic way but they do function according to cosmic forces beyond our control that can raise us up or bring us down in ways we could never do of our own accord.

2j f Jupiter In Scorpio

You like luxurious living and will probably earn enough to assure it. Courageous and faithful, you approach life with deep insight and are interested in the mystical and the occult. You are intense and uncompromising about your beliefs and standards. Your judgment is shrewd, and you can have magnetic healing power. Archaeology, music, medicine, corporate finance, taxes and insurance are all areas which should appeal to you. With challenging aspects, you must learn to handle deviousness, bad investments and maybe a loss of inheritance. Gangster AI Capone, writer Jack London, murder cult leader Charles Manson, evangelist Billy Sunday, singer Elvis Presley.

Christian Attitudes Towards Astrology

Astrology seems to have been perceived as a threat to the authority of the Church, since it could be seen as an independent means of discovering the future. The discipline is almost invariably discussed in the context of fatalism and free will, as part of an argument which condemns the idea that the stars determine human behaviour rather than God. Astrology thus can be seen to rival Christian prophecy. It is intriguing, given this focus, to see that astrology is connected with movements regarded as heretical by the Church, though the association is not made by the earliest writers. Heretical sects were also, obviously, a threat to the Church. The first to argue against astrology as part of a polemic against Gnosticism is Hippolytus of Rome, who was martyred in 235. Dealing with the Peratic sect, he engages in a detailed discussion of the discipline, having disclaimed expertise. He is the first in a long line of Christian writers who re-use the arguments of pagan philosophers who...

John De Morys And Nicholas Oresme

Despite such works, the fourteenth century sported numerous sceptics such as Nicolas Oresme, philosopher and mathematician, who in his Des Divinations spoke disparagingly of geomancy as 'nothing but the distinction between odd and even'. He calls it 'the game of philosophers' but concedes suggestively that certain problems in arithmetic can be worked out by using it. As he finds no reference to geomancy in classical writers, he rightly concludes that it is a medieval invention, although he doesn't spot its Arab origins. On the whole he spoke out against geomancy and similar divinatory practices.

The Influence Of The Twelve Signs When Rising

Mercury, the ruler, rising in Gemini, sharpens perception, gives ability as a writer, or speaker, but makes the person born with that position extremely irritable, vacillating and fond of change of scene and employment. Such people are best fitted for traveling salesmen. Virgo people are very quick and active in youth, they learn with facility, and do not work hard for knowledge they seem to breathe it in without an effort. They acquire linguistic and elocutionary powers most readily, are fluent writers but are often cynical, cold and unforgiving when they have been injured. They are extremists in their food, and make hygiene a fad they often fancy that they have every imaginable disease, because Virgo is the sixth sign and has a certain affinity with the sixth house, denoting health the and disease.

The Training of Astrological Counselors

It may be apparent to the reader that the kind of practical training program outlined above correlates with the Virgo phase of education described at the beginning of this chapter. This phase of development is missing almost completely from the educational patterns in our culture, including the usual mode of astrological education. Many astrologers learn the basics (Gemini) and leap right into teaching and writing (Sagittarius) without going through the refining process of apprenticeship and lengthy practical experience (Virgo). This results in a noticeable gap in the real knowledge of many astrological teachers and writers, for often they are merely repeating what they learned from someone else and have neither tested it in practice nor augmented it with new insights. Gemini and Sagittarius, when not supported by practical experience (Virgo), tend to be shallow and totally speculative. A teacher or writer in the astrological field should ideally have a deep reservoir of experience...

Venus In Aspect With Other Planets

A retrograde Mercury is also a detriment to the faculty of reason. But in the year of life when Mercury by progression again turns direct, the reasoning faculties will improve correspondingly. Mercury is strong in the airy signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, but he is exalted and therefore most powerful in Virgo. Mercury has special rule over agents and messengers, salesmen, postmen and other common carriers, people engaged in advertising or printing, literary men, writers, reporters, secretaries, clerks, stenographers and typewriters, commission men and other middle men, demagogues, confidence-men and thieves.

Pluto In The Sixth House

Pluto here will sometimes complicate your health by causing blockage, constipation, abnormal growths or tumors in the teen years it can give problems with acne. Unless you channel your energies properly, you could become a hypochondriac and run from one doctor to the next. You could become the victim of your own pent-up energies and must face and overcome any bad habits. Astrologer Doris Chase Doane, nutritionist Adelle Davis, writer Mark Twain, inventor Thomas Edison.

Chorography Mundane Astrology

However, it was the system in Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos which triumphed. It was the most complicated, but it offered explanations of the physical appearance and customs of different peoples. In doing so it moved into the province of the ethnographers, those who described the peoples of the world in accounts they claimed were derived from first-hand experience. Racial stereotypes from such 'travel-writers' had passed into the common stock of knowledge. There was a history from the Hippocratic writers onwards of a

7 The great astrological revival

Many of Smith's friends however were averse to his interest in geomancy, for shortly after his death in 1832 Dixon wrote, 'In professing the science of geomancy and magic Raphael made many enemies among his astrological friends.' Despite this, the Prophetic Messenger became so well known that when Smith died there was great competition to succeed him as its editor. Indeed so well known was his pseudonym that not only are a number of astrological and geomantic publications still in print today under that name, but also no less than five other writers adopted it as their own. They included John Palmer (1807-37), Medhurst who took over the editorship of the Prophetic Messenger from 1838-1847, Edwin Wakeley who called himself 'Edwin Raphael', Sparkes (1820-75) and Robert T. Cross (1850-1923) who wrote a number of books on astrology and issued a cyclostyled manuscript on The Art of Talismanic Magic which extracted much material from earlier writers, and has been reprinted a number of times...

The Four Elements The Basic Energies of Astrology

In an effort to modernize astrology along the lines of material science, many astrological writers have disregarded or almost completely ignored the ancient concept of the four elements. Some writers state things like, Now that science has given us the periodic table of chemistry, we know that there are many more than four elements. Other writers and teachers who still use the elements to some extent do not sufficiently explain what these elements are or how they function, nor do they seem to realize that the elements are indeed the very foundation of the zodiac and therefore of all astrology.

Jewish Attitudes Towards Astrology

Having been taught to men by one of the fallen angels. This is an idea we find again among Christian writers. The third book of the Sibylline Oracles also condemns interest in Chaldaean astrology, and the book Jubilees presents it as wrong because it fails to leave matters to divine providence.23 But during the same period of the second century BCE, some Jews more open to outside influences took a more positive view of astrological ideas. The Egyptian Artapanus and the Anonymous Samaritan claimed that Abraham had taught astrology to the Egyptians, and the latter that the art had been invented by Enoch. More detailed information comes from two documents of the third century CE which preserve earlier traditions. The Testament of Solomon depicts the decans, in the guise of daemonic powers, in discussion with Solomon. They say to him 'We are the thirty-six elements, the world rulers of the darkness of this age', and proceed to describe themselves in terms which actually seem to refer to...

Sun In The Seventh House

Mismanagement or an extravagant partner. The Sun in the eighth house takes on many overtones of the Sun in Scorpio. President Harry S. Truman, President John F. Kennedy, poet Lord Byron, financier John D. Rockefeller Sr., heiress Barbara Hutton, financial writer Sylvia Porter.

Astrology As A Tool For Selfawareness1

One function is to identify the strengths and abilities we possess so that we can capitalize on them. For instance, it was only because numerous astrologers encouraged me to write that I came to have faith in myself as a writer. Before that, I considered myself a lousy poet and left it at that. I'm still a lousy poet, but astrology gave me the courage to try other kinds of writing that have been more successful and fulfilling. My knowledge of my birth chart resulted in a change in the direction of my career and life I became an author.

Astrology In The Thirteenth And Fourteenthcentury Kingdom Of Aragon

The Catalan writers, their rulers, and several Jewish and Christian astrologers and translators employed by the kings of Aragon studied the works of Greek, Arabic, and Persian astronomers and astrologers. These works include Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, or Quadripartitum, in its Latin translation and oriental authors such as Ali Abenragel, Albu-mazar, and Abu l'Abbas Fargani (Al-Faragani), among others. In the Primer, Venus, which represents the earth, and especially Jupiter are the most favorable stars. He also equated six planets with the six major religious groups he regarded as the most important the Jews, Caldeans, Egyptians, Christians, Muslims, and followers of the Antichrist. He revealed his source as Albumazar, Livre des conun-tions , Books 1-2, probably a commentary on the author's De magnis conjunctionibus. In the Primer, ch. 184, Eiximenis opposed Albumazar by upholding the Christian belief on free will, citing St. Bernard and other Christian writers. Here Eiximenis introduced a...

Sun In The Twelfth House keyword secretive

Although you may lack self-confidence and need a lot of solitude, you are able to integrate the subconscious part of your nature. Your life before thirty may be somewhat restricted. Some kind of work in institutions, charities, labor or research appeals to you, although you usually prefer to work behind the scenes. This is often the placement for actors, since actors can hide their real feelings by playing a role. If there are difficult aspects, you may be your own worst enemy you must learn to serve and should not let yourself wallow in self-pity. The Sun in the twelfth house operates like the Sun in Pisces this placement depends more on the total horoscope than any of the other Sun placements. Writer Zelda Fitzgerald, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, labor leader James Hoffa, TV personality Paul Lynde, comedian Jim Backus.

The Planets through the Houses

MARS The energy level is considerable, and enthusiasm for sporting activity -from the bedroom to the sports field -is certain. A tendency to take risks is very likely, and often money is wasted on gambling. JUPITER The gambling spirit is very strong here, and needs to be consciously controlled. Broadmindedness, optimism, and enjoyment of life and love is very much part of these individuals' personalities. SATURN Here is a put-down effect on individuals who suffer, or have suffered, a strict father. Creativity and joyfulness may have been inhibited, causing frustration and pushing them in unwanted directions. URANUS This brings originality and flair to all creativity, and so makes for brilliant cooks as well as painters, and writers. These people will enjoy an exciting love life with their partners, but will delay commitment. NEPTUNE The permutation adds imaginative creativity and an extremely romantic and over-idealistic nature. There is a tendency to drift up to cloud nine every time...

The Inquisition And Peter Of Abano

Shortly after Peter's death, geomancy was immortalized in a Provencal didactic poem written in 1332 and running to 3,700 lines. This labour of love rather than art rhymes its way through all the possible combinations of the figures in the Houses of Heaven one wonders whether the poet sought immortality in art or in didactic verbosity. Nevertheless this exhaustive treatment escaped the flames to provide useful clues about the earlier writers on geomancy.

Venus In The Eighth House

You will have many benefits through a partner, or you may gain through insurance and inheritance. You should have a long life and a peaceful death. This is a good position for big business, banking and writing. You may have spiritual tendencies if you pursue these, you will find happiness and peace of mind. Your sexual relationships are harmonious. With challenging aspects, you may experience inertia, lack of discipline, too much sensuality and excesses in food and drink. Writer Hermann Hesse, billionaire John D. Rockefeller, Sr., transsexual Christine Jorgensen, White House Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan.

The Children Of The Twelve Signs

When the ascendant of a person is in doubt and the place in the Zodiac which seems to fit nearest brings the Sun into the Twelfth House, the writer has often found that the exact ascendant may be ascertained by asking the person if his childhood's life was clouded by poverty of the parents and consequent limitation for a number of years just after birth. This in all the cases where it has been found that all other events fitted in the horoscope proved a successful method of determining the true ascendant, so that the number of degrees from the ascendant to the Sun, the latter located in the Twelfth House, would indicate the years of poverty, for the Twelfth House makes for limitation in that respect, especially when the Sun is there at birth. When the Sun by progression has passed through the Twelfth House and comes into the ascendant, things begin to brighten for the person involved, and when in time it passes through the Second House he will have a period of financial success but as...

Some Recondite Problems

Of the Sun on 27th March 1720, by Dr Alischer at Fauer another in the following year by the same observer on the 15th March another at St Neots, Huntingdon, on the 6th June 1761, recorded by a writer in the London Chronicle another seen by Lichtenberg and Sollnitz on 19th

Aspects to the Moon and to Mercury

Mercury represents the thinker behind the brain and the Moon rules the brain and the brain capacity. Ability to communicate ideas and concepts to others. Makes good teachers, writers, reporters. Quick perception and an alert mind. Interesting conversationalists.

H d W Saturn Conjunct Uranus

Understand and respect tradition but are open to the future. You are impatient with average minds and superficial people, and you look up to those who have achieved success. Because of your nervous tension, it is important that you learn to relax. Boxer Muhammad Ali, writer Erich Maria Remarque.

Mercury In The First House

You are curious, adaptable, restless and often nervous. With easy aspects you are probably quite eloquent with too many challenging aspects you may stammer or have a speech impediment. You have strong intellectual energy and a quick wit. your thinking is quite oriented, and you find it difficult to really understand the feelings of others. You are intelligent, and this is a good position for writers, doctors, scientists, scholars and librarians. You have a deep need to express yourself, and sometimes you speak before you think. But usually you approach your personal affairs very rationally. Evangelist Billy Sunday, singer Barbra Streisand, writer Zelda Fitzgerald, artist Toulouse Lautrec.

Saturn In The Sixth House

Exacting, careful, efficient and reliable, you take your job seriously. You can excel in government work, writing or fields involving mathematics or science. You sometimes feel that you are indispensable and push yourself at the cost of your health. Chronic illness may plague you. Although you seem quiet and unsure of yourself, you do know your own worth. You must learn to blow your own horn and assert yourself. Your basic outlook is conservative, yet it is not necessarily reflected in your appearance or dress. With difficult aspects, you tend to worry and fret too much. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, actor Bob Crane, composer Johannes Brahms, writer Thomas Mann.

Symbolisms for the Planets

Where Vanuatu Located The Map

* Mercury governs communication and writing, the mind, intelligence, design, logic, expression, poetry, singing, and music. Mercury also rules teaching and the conveying of ideas, messages, announcements, and conferences. Because Mercury was the Roman god of speed and messengers, Mercury rules speed and swiftness, travel, transportation, and all vehicles of transportation (including airplanes, cars, and railroads). Since Mercury rules traveling, it also represents exploring and exploration-including the exploration of the mind and space and exploring for minerals, oil, and gas. Mercury has dominion over very important parts of the body, including the brain, ears, eyes, respiratory system, nervous system, and the reflexes. Mercury signifies the teacher, writer, singer, architect, and any profession that has a primary requirement of use of the mind or that requires the act of communicating. Mercury's rulership of the mind extends to anything that mimics the mind, such as calculators,...

Confidence In Fates And Nativities

The principles of Ptolemy's doctrine do not appear to have been very clearly understood, or acted upon free from the superstitious trash of the Arab writers, before the years 1647 and 1657, when Placidus de Titus, a Spanish monk, first published the true system of astrology, founded on Ptolemy's mathematical calculations. His principal work was printed in Latin, and called the Primum Mobile, or First Mover.* It is remarkable that the only subsequent works of any value on that part of astrology which is of most importance, nativities, were written by an Englishman, Mr. Partridge, whose Almanac is still in existence. His works, the Opus Re or-matum and the Defectio Geniturarum, are evidently made up from Placidus but they are full of the soundest doctrines, and contain numerous examples.

Astrological Literature Under The Early Empire

In fact this poem is clearly a compilation of a number of writers of different periods. One notable feature of the work is the refusal to deal with imperial stars, on the grounds that it will arouse official wrath.89 Though his name is Latin, Vettius Valens came from Antioch, in Syria. He writes in a difficult Greek, using a mixture of contemporary and archaic language, which illustrates the literary pretensions necessary for any writer to be taken seriously in this era. His use of the clima, or astronomical-geographical zone, of Alexandria, has led scholars to conclude that this was where he settled. He only follows his own rules for computing rising times for this clima, but violates them otherwise. For instance, where natives of Palestine and Syria are concerned, he uses the classical rising times for Babylon. The datable horoscopes allow us to conclude that the work was composed over at least twenty years, from 154 to 174 CE.

Firmicus In The Middle Ages

Firmicus is also noted in a work called de Philosophia Mundi by Honorius of Autun, a widely translated popularizer of the twelfth century. William of Malmsbury, the English historian of the twelfth century, reports that Gerbert (later Pope Silvester II, 999-1003) when in Spain among the Saracens studied the astrolabe of Ptolemy and Firmicus on Fate. The same author's de Gestis Pontificum Anglicorum gives an account of Girard, Archbishop of York, who had sinned by reading Firmicus. Later writers embroidered the story and claimed that the Mathesis was found under the pillow of the archbishop at his death so that he was denied Christian burial.

Uranus In The Eleventh House

Your friends may be strange and original, and you want to help humanity in some unusual way. You have interesting aims in life and are a non-conformist. You make friends and new acquaintances quickly but shy away from close relationships. Although you may appear arrogant and snobbish, you like to surround yourself with people and you like to be admired. You'll probably have two different sets of friends artistic or bohemian (Uranian) friends and more conventional traditional (Saturnian) friends. Your approach to sex is unusual and you may have some sexual problems or hangups. Writer Thomas Mann, Senator Robert Kennedy, writer Erich Maria Remarque, astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Sun In The Third House

Observant, optimistic, scientific and flexible, you have the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. A good speaker and writer, you enjoy getting involved in neighborhood affairs and traveling. Brothers and sisters are important to you, and your early environment was probably happy. You can be either impartial and self-reliant or arrogant and domineering. The Sun in the third house acts much like the Sun in Gemini.

Aphorisms And Considerations

* This table is taken from the old Arab writers on astrology, who flourished many centuries back they used many terms inconsistent with the modern nomenclature of diseases but as the human frame is still the same, so are its diseases, though called by different names. Thus, Mercury m Aquarius is said to cause wind in the blood, by which, we presume, was meant spasmodic action, arising from debility.

Cooudge Prosperity Period 19251927

The favorable aspect between Saturn and Uranus mitigated the influence of the elevated position of Uranus on the tenth house or angle of the New York Stock Exchange Chart which was originated by the writer and which gives an excellent key to the future trend of the Stock Market. Uranus stands for the unexpected, the unprecedented and the unusual. The fact that it was favorably aspected by Saturn pointed to the prosperity period at hand as well as the rise in the Stock Market. This period marked die beginning of the greatest Bull Market for stock prices in financial history.

Mercury in the Fifth House

Fifth-house Mercury loves change and new people and must be intellectually stimulated to keep the good times rolling. There's a need here to give everything a personal spin, and this placement is capable of dramatic self-expression, especially in speech and writing, or can indicate a teacher, especially of the primary grades, a writer, playwright, or art critic, as well as a stock market analyst or active investor. Tricksters, the ones who like pulling pranks, are also found with this placement and these people are often attracted to intellectual or mentally stimulating romantic partners.

Venus In The Seventh House

Able to create harmonious surroundings, you will be happy in your marriage. Popular with the public at large, your business partnerships run smoothly. With your legal mind you can expect success in matters dealing with the law. You have a loving nature if you do not get married it will be by your choice, not because of lack of opportunity. You have many social graces and find it easy to get along with all kinds of people. With difficult aspects, you may tend to build up resentments. This could even lead to a persecution complex. Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, actress Jean Harlow, Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, writer Jack Kerouac.

Venus In The Twelfth House

You are kind, compassionate, charitable, sympathetic to others and often deeply inspired. You enjoy secluded places and you need time each day to recharge your batteries. Although the undercurrents of your life are smooth, you feel a compelling need to serve. Drawn to the occult, you like to probe the deeper meanings of life and love. Basically shy and easily hurt, you may have secret love affairs. You are quite resigned when in trouble. With challenging aspects you may love a person who is not free or suffer setbacks in your love life or experience the frustrations of divorce. Actor Gregory Peck, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, singer Peggy Lee, writer James Hilton.

Alexander The Great

It is not easy to tell how much astrology was used on a day-to-day basis in Classical Greece, but several Greek writers warn their readers not to get too involved in the predictions made by travelling Chaldeans - which suggests that, as always, there were plenty of credulous people ready to be gulled by fake astrologers. By 188ce Vettius Valens of Antioch, the first known professional consultant astrologer, had amassed a fine Towards the end of the 3rd century bce, the Romans began to take a serious interest in Greek literature and drama. Inevitably, the Greek preoccupation with astrology began to intrigue Roman writers and philosophers, and it was taken up by many emperors as a way to bolster their greatness and to pre-empt any plots against them.

O m Sun In Virgo

Modest, discriminating and thoughtful, everything you do you do well. You give great attention to detail, but you can carry this to extremes, becoming fussy, overly critical and even interfering. You worry a lot, but you are not easily discouraged. Once you overcome a sense of modesty, you are very articulate and express your ideas well. You enjoy routine, are service-oriented and very responsible. You are thoughtful and fond of learning, and you rarely look your age. Actress Greta Garbo, actor Gene Kelly, Governor George Wallace, artist Grandma Moses, writer H.G. Wells, White House chief of staff Hamilton Jordan, actress Sophia Loren.

Twins at Work

Twins are often found in sales positions or in other jobs where there is a lot of contact with other people. They can be silver-tongued with their wit and communication abilities, so they're excellent at persuading or influencing others. This literally translates to selling products or services, or selling ideas to others, whether as a manager or a writer.

Van si

There are two distinct natures in the Gemini person, so that it would seem as though the mind had not completely severed itself from the lower senses but we can endorse the remark of one astrological writer that Gemini people reason from their sensations. To understand the naturs of the sign Gemini, two clear ideas are necessary first, that it is a posi

Moon In Aquarius

You see your mother as a friend and companion. She raised you to stand on your own feet she is a humanitarian and is not a run-of-the-mill mother in her general behavior. Writer Taylor Caldwell, actress Linda Lovelace, composer George Gershwin, counter culture leader Timothy Leary, writer Charlotte Bronte.

Gemini and careers

Many Geminians are the happiest when driving. That chatty taxi driver one occasionally meets is more than likely to be a Geminian. Another area in which their best qualities can be rewardingly expressed is the travel and hospitality industries. Here, we have the particularly lively air steward, extremely eager to welcome us on board, and to convince us that theirs is the best or the only airline worth using. Or the travel guide, who constantly counts her flock, and is really excited about the sights of her own particular patch of touristic soil. Very different professions, such as the law, will be fascinating as well. Geminians can enjoy acting as go-betweens. So being an agent for writers, actors, musicians, or those in search of better jobs in most industries, or in finance can make for success. In calmer areas, because of the traditional astrological accent on the hands, those interested in the beauty industry will do well to consider a career as a manicurist or as a therapeutic...

Goats at Work

The older Goats get, the more rewarding their lives are likely to become. Once they've achieved the power they've sought, they can relax with the wisdom they've gained and the lessons they can share with others. Many Goats live long lives as writers or artists, including J. R. R. Tolkien, Alfred Stieglitz, and Anton Chekhov. And Goats are found in business, where there are a lot of mountains to climb. As Goats are very achievement-oriented, they reach the top of many fields

A Mercury In Leo

You think dramatically and always with your heart because you are visionary and idealistic, romantic attachments take a big share of your concentration. You have dignity, a sense of innate refinement and you like to make a good impression upon others. You want to be considered an authority in your chosen field, and although you are very able to solve problems, sometimes you ignore details. You are ambitious and have good executive ability you are an excellent teacher and could succeed in the theater, the fine arts, education or the stock market. With difficult aspects to Mercury you might be too stubborn, self-indulgent and quick tempered, or you might have a tendency to exaggerate or be self-centered. Ex-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, dictator Benito Mussolini, writer Ernest Hemingway, actress Susan St. James.

Of The Fourth House

The lower angle of heaven, or fourth house, whose line, or cusp* the Sun touches at midnight, is the weakest in inllueuce of all the other angles throughout the celestial circle it represents in nativities, most powerfully the parents of the native, especially the father hut the opposition of Saturn, Mars, or Herschel to the mid-heaven, which is the same as coming to the cusp of this house, not only frequently afflicts the father, hut as an evil aspect to one angle, is felt hy ali four, (each aspect-ing the other) frequently causes death or severe misfortunes to the native's mother. Good planets in this house (even Jupiter) lose much of their active influence, and are particularly weak, even as promittors in directions. The ancients gave this house of heaven to represent the final end of all things, whether in nativities or horary questions. In the latter it represents the querent's father, his patrimony all affairs relating to lands, houses, cities, estates, towns, castles, hidden...

Chapter Xiii

Many of those born in the sign Capricorn rise in life through their own efforts and personal merit, and they acquire riches by a steady and patient industry indeed, great wealth is often found associated with this sign, and some of the greatest aristocrats have been born between the above-mentioned dates. They are successful in all land and building speculations, and are best adapted for general and practical work connected with the earth, agriculture for instance. They make good scientific researchers and writers and in any avocation where steady application and industry are required, they are the persons to succeed. They have great ambitions and are able to undertake very large contracts with success they are best suited for builders, upholsterers, designers and decorators. Large speculations, elaborate enterprises, and huge undertakings, are best conducted by the Capricornians.

Ascendant Cancer

Hard worker. Suffers from too many changes of direction. Libra Needs to work in partnership, but should take the lead. Beauty, fashion, or entertainment industries. Scorpio Will pursue career with tenacity and discipline. Hard worker. Scientific flair. Astronomy, archeology, or antiques. Sagittarius Slightly unpredictable, but superb teacher or lecturer. Writer, innovator and or inventor. Pisces Very creative and artistic. Career or hobby should involve the arts in some form.

Virgo and careers

Here is the perfect and efficient personal assistant, the meticulous editor, the brilliant gardener, the hugely caring nurse, beautician, personal trainer, critic, and so on. The areas in which Virgos can find a rewarding niche are many and varied. Any job in which detailed work is called for, and where there is an element of service to others, will be rewarding. The immaculately dressed butler or housekeeper springs to mind, as does employment as an estate or any kind of agent. Acting as a go-between also has considerable attractions. Many are extremely bookish, and certainly there are more than a fair share of successful writers, librarians, and bookshop owners and assistants. Those connected with health, hygiene, and diet have also emerged from this zodiac group.

Hugh Of Santalla

Hugh Santalla

The first geomancy translated into Latin from Arabic was Hugh of Santalla's Ars Geomantiae. Hugh of Santalla (or Hugo Sanctelliensis) was an astrologer, alchemist and translator of the first half of the twelfth century born in Santalla in northwest Spain. He appears to have worked under the patronage of Michael the bishop of Tarazona, from 1119 to 1157. Although he to some extent translated the same works as his contemporaries, for instance the Centiloquium ascribed to Ptolemy (Latin versions of which have also been credited to Plato of Tivoli and John of Seville), he appears to have worked independently of the Toledo translators. Hugh's translations are undated but at least some of them, including his Ars Geomantiae, antedated the work of his more famous contemporaries. Hugh's seven known translations are concerned with works of astronomy, astrology and divination. Those on astrology include Albumasar's Book of Rains, Messahala on nativities, a book by pseudo-Aristotle, 'from 255...

Mercury And Venus

Mercury with Venus on the ascendant in a diurnal chart will produce shield bearers or protectors of emperors who would guard the safety of the prince by their own death. Or they are ordered to manage at their own discretion royal money or treasures, and they are the kind to whom administrative duties are always entrusted. They will be musicians, dancers, composers of music teachers, orators, men of letters, or writers of law or mathematics.

Venus In Pisces

You are gentle, compassionate, helpful and tenderhearted. Very understanding of others, you can be quite spiritual. You are romantic and sensitive. You need love and tenderness, and without love you feel lost. Your intuition is highly developed, and you relate well to art, poetry, nature and animals. You are creative and can inspire creativity in others. However, your extreme sensitivity can leave you wide open to hurt. Knowing this, you often suffer in silence, or you may become very reticent. Self-sacrificing, you are attracted to the underdog. With difficult aspects, you become too emotionally dependent on others, or you may force others to depend on you. You may be sentimental, hypersensitive, undiscriminating and unrealistic. Try to use your artistic talents in some positive, creative way. Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, psychic Edgar Cayce, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, writer Victor Hugo, Queen Elizabeth II.

Modern Descriptions

For most of us, lacking the highest spiritual vision, the closest we can come to an immediate apprehension and appreciation of the elements is to experience their workings in the healing arts. This approach to the elements will be dealt with in more detail later, but it would be useful here to mention how some modern writers view the elements. Dr. Randolph Stone, the originator of a system of healing called Polarity Therapy which is based on the theory of balancing the elements, calls the elements the unseen builders of life's structures. He says that the elements are the gears of life which must mesh in harmony for there to be health of mind and body. He states in his writings that the elements are like plates in a battery through which life energy (or prana ) flows to energize them. Dr. Stone calls the elements finer energy fields whose workings bring about states of well-being or disease of mind or body.

Cf Mars In Pisces

Singer Johnnie Cash, naturalist John Audubon, artist Vincent Van Gogh, writer Carson McCullers, actor Steve McQueen. Since you are positive, self-assertive, combative, active and boisterous, you may be accident-prone. Your great physical strength and dynamic energy propel you headlong into things you need to control your impatience and learn to use your energies constructively. Because you are practical and enter-Prising, you have good organizing ability. If Mars has challenging aspects, you may have scars on your head or face, and there may be danger of violence in your life. South African Leader Jan Smuts, writers Booth Tarkington Qnd Lewis Carroll, Prince Charles, Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Bulwer Lytton

Bulwer first became interested in mesmerism at Cambridge where he met the mesmerist Chauncey Hare Townshend. His marriage in 1827 against his mother's wishes resulted in the withdrawal of his allowance and the subsequent need to write to support himself and his wife. In 1838, two years after separation from his wife, he was created a baronet. Greater financial freedom gave him time to study the medieval and Renaissance writers on divination and magic. His novels increasingly reflected his interest in these subjects.

Lesson 13 Jupiter

Applying this to Judy Garland's chart, we saw that she not only had musical and acting talent, but she could also have been a writer. Obviously, since we know her life fairly well (at least her public life), she did not choose to use that particular talent, putting her effort into acting and singing instead. Religious leader Mary Baker Eddy, actress Shirley Temple, broadcaster Lowell Thomas, writer Helen Keller, comedienne Lily Tomlin.

A Jupiter In Leo

Helpful and ambitious, you are able to cope with almost any situation and would do well in the political ring. Because you are anxious to figure out and achieve your goals, you act while others dream. You have a dramatic and colorful personality and much enthusiasm for the good life. Your many talents make you a natural entertainer or public person. With challenging aspects, you can be conceited or arrogant and you may overdo everything. Your health is generally good, but you could develop heart and or weight problems. Singer Johnny Cash, President Lyndon B. Johnson, writer Victor Hugo, jockey Willie Shoemaker, actor Rex Harrison.

Hermann Hesse Author

Hesse's family were pious missionaries who served their faith in India. Hesse's childhood was very difficult, with long parental absences and much moving around between Germany and Switzerland in order to afford the best schooling. After seven months of being alone in a theological school, without parents and siblings nearby, he fled the strict German seminary to become a writer. Obviously a wrong decision at age 15 leading to fights with his parents and an eventual suicide attempt.

S Uranus In Cancer

You seek your freedom by adoptihg a different attitude toward home and marriage. You acept your parents as peers rather than authority figures, or you may disregard them totally. You may not like the lifestyle your family has established and feel more at home in communal living or you could go on a back-to-nature kick. If you do choose a traditional home, you will fill it with gadgets and electronic items, or you may do most of the building with your own hands. You love to travel and roam and you have a different concept of what patriotism means. Sensitive and intutive, you are able to accept the metaphysical and occult. Challenging aspects may bring emotional ups and downs your feelings may be erratic, and your temperament irrational. Uranus was last in Cancer from 1949 to 1956, and previously from 1865 to 1872. Writer Andre Gide, heiress revolutionary Patty Hearst, would-be assassin Arthur Bremer, tennis player Chris Evert, rock star Peter Frampton.