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Esteban Jose Portela has been studying and practicing White Magic and Black Magic for more than 35 years, helping people all over the world solve their problems and achieve their goals in life. His e-book Witchcraft Secret Manual is aimed at regular readers who want to learn how to use supernatural powers to make their dreams come true. The Spells that are detailed in the Witchcraft Secret Manual are the most effective that can exist, with simple processing and homemade. You should not rush to find any foreign element that you do not know where to get. This manual is incredible, I had tried many types of magic, but none gave me results. I spent a lot, put a lot of money in witches and nothing happened. More here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

This e-book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Learn How To Use Genuine Witchcraft

Why Life Can Be Magick will change your life for ever! Learn how to influence a persons' thoughts and cause them to adopt your point of view. Make any individual love you and become devoted to you. Cause an unwanted neighbor to move away. Revitalize yourself and bring personal energy. Practice self-healing. Protect yourself from negative thoughts or magick invoked against you by others. Always be seen as interesting, attractive and glamorous to people. Become bolder and more confident so you can take charge of your life. More here...

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Underground Witchcraft Secrets

This Undergound Witchcraft Course is guaranteed to remove any fear or doubt you might have about witchcraft, magick and casting wiccan soon as you follow this Underground Witchcraft Course, you will achieve success. Here's just some of what you'll discover: The top 5 mistakes people make when casting witchcraft spells .and how to ensure you're not one of those people any longer. The number one thing you need to do in order to make your witch spells work.and how ridiculously easy it is to do this. The simple spell casting method that ensures that you can successfully cast witchcraft spells whenever you want, wherever you are without fail. What witchcraft really is and means and how easy it is for you to practice real magick. The never before revealed secret on how to use tools to enhance your magickal powers. The Little Known Secret of Conjuring With Color (so you consciously use the power of the energy of different colors enhancing the effectiveness of your wiccan spells!). The Jewels Of Wisdom wicca spells to immediately lift your spirits and the spirits of others around you. Discover the Best Way Bring The Love You Want Into Your Life, a delicious witch spell that weaves magick that brings you what you ask for The Power Of The Lodestone (magnetically attracting love, wealth & happiness into your life through these wiccan spells). Potent Talisman Of Love Revealed.(no longer spend those quiet nights or holiday periods on your own). Literally Watch Money Appear In Your Wallet with a powerful money drawing spell, so you never again have to worry about having enough cash on hand. More here...

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The Demon Dictionary

The Demon Dictionary Identifies Satan's Primary Demons By Name And Discusses Their Influences Upon Mankind. A lot of people believe that angels exist. But what about demons? Are demons real? Without a doubt they are! When The wicked one fell from heaven, he was not alone. One third of all angels (his followers) were also bound to earth by God. These angels are what we commonly refer to as demons. Nearly all spiritual texts speak of demons and there acts. For instance, if you believe the bible to true, you must realize that demons most certainly exist. Demons are talked about many times within this text alone. While many people do believe in the existence of Satan's angels, few have bothered to discover their names or their purpose here on earth. There are legions upon legions of fallen angels, but there are only 72 high ranking demons that rule and command all the others. However these are the leaders in Hell and will be the commanders of Satan's army at the final battle. This book is an attempt to identify these primary demons.

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Firmicus In The Middle Ages

The Mathesis of Firmicus is the last work on astrology in the ancient world. The reason for this may be that there was a sharpening of penalties against all non-Christian practices under Constantine and again under Valentinian (375-392). A number of mathematici were executed at that time whereas later, under the Theodosian Code (438 A.D.) astrologers were simply ordered to burn their books. Both the persecutions and the book-burning account for the dearth of astrological material in the West for the next five hundred years. Actually there is less evidence for persecution of astrology than for that of heresy and rural paganism. L.W. Laistner (The Western Church and Astrology during the Early Middle Ages Harvard Theological Review, XXXIV, 1942, 251-75) believes that astrology died out simply because there were not enough literacy and mathematical skill to study the manuals and draw charts.

The Dissemination In The West

Mysterious ways they penetrated as far as India, China, and Indo-China, where divination by means of the stars is still practised at the present day, and reached perhaps even the primitive centres of American civilisation. In the opposite direction they spread to Syria, to Egypt, and over the whole Roman world, where their influence was to prevail up to the fall of paganism and lasted through the Middle Ages up to the dawn of modern times. It is this dissemination throughout the West that we shall rapidly describe in this lecture. that the gods teach to the faithful in a series of what may be called apocalypses. This recondite literature, often contradictory, was apparently developed between 50 b.c. and 150 a.d. It has a considerable importance in relation to the diffusion throughout the Roman Empire of certain doctrines of sidereal religion moulded to suit Egyptian ideas. But it had only a secondary influence. It is not at Alexandria that this form of paganism was either produced or...

The Lunar Advantage Using Astrology in Daily Life

Don't feel bad if you don't know the answer to any of these questions. Except when the Moon is full, most people don't have a clue about where it is or what it's doing. But thousands of years ago, men and women on every continent worshipped the Moon and were attentive to all its phases. In those early cultures, storytellers created a cast of lunar deities, each of whom reflected a different phase of the moon. In Greece, for example, tomboy Artemis, patron of girls, was a goddess of the New Moon Hera, queen of the gods, and Demeter, mother of Persephone, ruled the Full Moon and Hecate, a goddess of a certain age, reigned over witchcraft and the waning lunar crescent. Unlike ourselves, the people of long ago who worshipped those goddesses observed the Moon carefully and were fully aware of its location. Over time, they discovered that the monthly journey of the Moon as it waxed and waned both reflected and supported the pattern of human activity.

Timing Your Actions by the Light of the Moon

How many phases of the Moon are there It depends on who you ask. In India, astrologers identify 27 lunar mansions. The great 20th century astrologer (and musician) Dane Rudhyar counted eight phases New, Crescent, First Quarter, Disseminating, Full, Gibbous, Last Quarter, and Balsamic (no relationship to the vinegar). Ancient goddess worshippers, like their contemporary Pagan and Wiccan equivalents, generally acknowledged three phases waxing, full, and waning. Today, most people recognize the following four phases of the Moon

All manner of Questions Chap Xciii A Horse lost or stolen neer Henley if recoverable or not

Wee must first consider if Mars Lord of the 12th afflict Mercury Lord of the ascendant, or if Mars afflict the Moon or whether Mercury be Lord of the ascendant and 12th, or if Saturn Lord of the 8th doe mischieve the ascendant for without the Lord of the ascendant or ascendant itselfe, or the Moon be afflicted by the Lord of the 12th, there's no strong Witchcraft Here finding the Moon going to Opposition of Saturn, both Planets in the 6th and 12th houses, it gave suspition of Witchcraft, and there seemed to those that asked for the Querent some reason for it, in regard

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Chap Xcii If one be Bewitched or not

If the Lord of the 12th be in the 6th, or the Lord of the 6th in the 12th, or the Lord of the ascendant in the 12th, or the Lord of the 12th in the ascendant, or the Lord of the 8th in the ascendant, or the Lord of the ascendant in the 8th, in a Question where suspition of Witchcraft is, it is probable otherwise not so But the Judgment succeeding I have found more certaine. If the Lord of the 12th be in the ascendant it argues Witchcraft, or that some evill Spirit doth molest the party, or that some that are neer him or about him have evill tongues, or in plaine tearmes, have bewitched him. NATURALL REMEDIES FOR WITCHCRAFT.

Astrology And The Law Under Christian Emperors

In this period, punishments do become more severe. There is a new element in that the repression of divination of all sorts is part of the struggle against paganism. However, what this does is to strengthen the old attitude that enquiring into the future is forbidden. Whereas before, this attitude was implicit in the emperors' efforts to ban the use of astrologers while employing them themselves, now there was a sense that it was right only for the Christian god to see into the future. It was above all the curiositas divinandi, or desire to know through divination, which is presented as reprehensible in the Theodosian Code. Constantius made his orders clear in 357 'The inquisitiveness of all men for divination shall cease forever.'3

Of Sorceries

There is another sorcery which is called hippomanes, viz. a venomous liquor issuing out of the share of a mare at the time she lusts after the horse. The civet-cat, also, abounds with sorceries for the posts of a door being touched with her blood, the arts of jugglers and sorcerers are so invalid that evil spirits can by no means be called up, or compelled to talk with them --This is Pliny's report. Also, those that are anointed with the oil of her left foot, being boiled with the ashes of the ancle bone of the same and the blood of a weasel, shall become odious to all. The same, also, is to be done with the eye being decocted. If any one hath a little of the strait-gut of this animal about him, and it is bound to the left arm, it is a charm that if he does but look upon a woman, it will cause her to follow him at all opportunities and the skin of this animal's forehead withstands witchcraft.


I am well aware that critics will accuse me of luring modern scientifically enlightened men and women back to the age of ignorance and superstition. Astrological paganism deified the forces of nature to explain ordinary physical phenomenon long before simple scientific knowledge became available. Worship of the heavens was probably the oldest and widest held religious practice of the ancient world. Many older religions were cults of the sun, and human sacrifice an unfortunate part of life. It is a history that need not be repeated in our day. In my view, life, mind, soul, and spirit are terms that describe the human entity, and I don't believe that human beings will ever be content without knowledge of their ultimate source.

Souls Of The Dead

There are two kinds of necromancy raising th e carcasses, which is not done without blood the other sciomancy, in which the calling up of the shadow only suffices. To conclude, it works all its experiments by the c arcasses of the slain and their bones and members, and what is from them for there is in these things a spiritual power friendly to them therefore they easily allure the flowing down of wicked spirits, by reason of the similitude and property of every familiar, by whom the necromancer, strengthened by their help, can do much in human and terrestrial things, and kindle unlawful lusts, cause dreams, diseases, hatred, and such like passions to which also they can confer the powers of the soul, which as yet being involved in a m oist and turbid spirit, wandering about their cast bodies, can do the same things that the wicked spirits commit, seeing therefore they, experimentally find, that the wicked andl impure souls violently plucked from their bodies, and of men not expiated,...

The Moon

Doge Palace Cancer

Selene is one of the ancient Greek gods, born of the primordial gods called the Titans. She is associated with sleep. Artemis is also ancient, and there is evidence that she was worshipped in Minoan Greece, although she must date from far earlier. She is called a virgin goddess, but this is misleading. She is properly called the unmarried maiden and governed female rites of passage such as reproductive maturation, marriage, childbirth, etc. She is called the Goddess of the Hunt and Mistress of the Animals. Her animal is the deer. If Selene is the expression of the Moon in the heavens, and Artemis is the expression in the physical world, then Hecate is the expression of the Moon in the underworld. She is a chthonic goddess belonging to the graveyard. Hecate is the goddess of the dark Moon and rules witchcraft, potions, crossroads, and death. She is Persephone's attendant during her yearly stay in Hades known as the season of winter. In all her forms, the Greek Moon goddesses are...

Medical Astrology

Ruler of the ninth or twelfth in the sixth (witchcraft). Ruler of the sixth is Mercury (witchcraft). The debate in classical medical astrology was about whether the Moon and the ascendant, or their rulers, represented the body or the mind. However, the presence of a twelfth house influence was an argument for witchcraft, which, in those days was believed to be a spiritual affliction. In modern parlance, witchcraft would be translated as involuntary coercion, a psychological affliction.

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