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The holding in pattern has so much undesirable potential that it is no wonder Pluto and Scorpio have bad reputations, yet the essence of any planet can be used for either good or bad. We choose, consciously or unconsciously, how we will use it. The greater self-awareness we gain through astrology is accompanied by greater responsibility to make the best use of each planet and sign. Nowhere is this more true than with Pluto, a planet with tremendous potential for either destruction or transformation. Let us look, then, to see how Pluto's energies can be used to change our lives constructively.

Pluto's positive expressions—the Letting go response— consist of allowing change and transformation to happen, even bringing them about consciously through determination and focus. (No one is more focused than the Plutonian intent on healing!) Rebirth and regeneration are words that describe this positive use of Pluto—the phoenix side of Scorpio, rising out of its own ashes.


©2004 by Donna Cunningham

The Obligatory Disclaimer: This information is not meant as a recommendation of any particular method or individual practitioner. Visit the websites for more indepth information .Alternative methods are not intended to replace formal counseling or medical care when needed. Plutonians, turn on your innate BS detector before selecting a practitioner or method. If it doesn't feel right for you, try something else!

FLOWER ESSENCES: Also known as flower remedies, these gentle, natural healing catalysts can support people in releasing longstanding emotional blocks and finding new ways to perceive and respond to life's challenges—an excellent adjunct to other types of healing. For a large collection of articles on the subject, visit Vibration Magazine, the free online educational quarterly I co-edit with Dr. Deborah Bier. The current issue would be at: My e-book, Flower Remedies: How Plants Can Heal Us, is available at

HOMEOPATHY: High-potency homeopathic remedies act on so many interconnected levels of the mind, body, and emotions that, when correctly prescribed, they are far more deep-acting than flower essences. Because of their potency, a wrong prescription can create many difficulties. For that reason, I strongly advise against self-selection of high-potency homeopathic remedies. For recommendation of a certified homeopath, visit The Council for Homeopathic Certification at http :// or the National Center for Homeopathy at .

THE RECONNECTION: Originated and taught by Dr. Eric Pearl, this form of energy healing serves to reconnect us with parts of our minds, bodies, and spirit that closed down due to trauma or loss. It initiates a long-unfolding process of reunion with those parts of ourselves and with family, peers, and the greater community, much-needed for Plutonians who are in a state of alienation and isolation. Begin by reading Dr. Pearl's book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself (2001, Hay House) For information on seminars in many major cities, call 1-888-ERICPEARL or visit Dr. Pearl's website at Practitioners trained by Dr. Pearl are listed on the site.

HEALING FROM THE BODY LEVEL UP™: A potent and fast-acting healing system developed by Dr. Judith A. Swack that integrates biomedical science, Neuro-linguistic Programming, psychology, applied kinesiology, energy psychology techniques, her own unique methods and spiritual practices. The healing begins by using kinesiology to dialogue with various parts of the mind, body, and spirit to discover root causes of deep and persistent problems. Then various healing tools are deployed to get at those roots. For information on seminars and practitioners, visit

PAST LIFE REGRESSION AND THERAPY: Some hard-to-heal painful and dysfunctional patterns in career and other important areas of life stem from traumatic past life experiences. When such influences are suspected, work with a certified past life therapist may be helpful. The International Association for Regression Research & Therapies Inc. (IARRT)is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the acceptance and use of professional regression sessions through education, association and research. For information on their conferences and a list of practitioners they have certified, visit

HEALING FROM NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: One of the ways Plutonians become Plutonian is through undergoing a near-death experience, which has been shown to have profoundly life-altering effects that are not readily understood by loved ones. The website of The International Association for Near-Death Studies at has a large collection of informational articles, access to books on the subject, and local support groups.

From: The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Part 1: The Career Path of the Exceptional Soul

©2004 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Available at

In many instances, terminally ill cancer patients treated with psychotherapy and other healing tools do not die, but instead are reborn, because intensive treatment freed them from old patterns. Many begin living an entirely new life with a renewed life purpose, making amazing changes in career and lifestyle. Both psychotherapy and healing are related to Pluto, and positive Pluto energies counteract the negative Pluto energies with a healing result. To be regenerated is to be renewed, rejuvenated, or healed. Plutonians have great potential for becoming healers, whether through traditional medical channels, or through psychotherapy and spiritual healing.

Other expressions of Pluto can have tremendous power for either good or harm, and when they are misused, they can present a danger. Hypnotism, for example, can be positive when used for healing or giving up habits, but negative when used to achieve control over others. Witchcraft, voodoo, and other arts our culture calls "magic" because we do not understand their principles also have power both for healing and for destruction or control. Mediumship is a Plutonian activity when control of the ego is relinquished to an unseen force like a guide or departed individual. If not pursued carefully and with safeguards, however, it can leave mediums open to possession or to taking on the physical and mental conditions of those they are trying to help.

The great power and corresponding danger of such arts are precisely why much occult knowledge historically was carefully guarded. (Occult and psychic powers actually are a combination of Neptune and Pluto.) It is significant, I feel, that the existence of the planet Pluto itself was hidden from us until the 1930's and that since its discovery, humanity has made great strides in understanding psychology and the occult, both of which are associated with this planet. It is as if humanity as a whole, ready or not, must now deal with the various types of powers and energies Pluto rules, from nuclear energy to healing energy.

Change and transformation are inevitable and even positive parts of life. To grow and progress, we must be willing to change. When a living thing stops growing, it begins to die. At the most extreme end of Pluto's spectrum, resisting change or transformation or even trying to block it from happening can create a backlash of destructiveness either turned in on the self or turned loose on others. On a global level, for example, tyranny and efforts to dominate third world countries for economic gain often create terrorist activity.

Since Pluto cannot ultimately be held in or shut down, let's turn our attention to ways to transform Pluto's use from negative to positive. Many clues can be found in modern humanistic psychology and metaphysics. Astrological insights must often be combined with other disciplines such as spiritual healing for transformation of consciousness to occur. The table on the previous page describes healing tools that are particularly relevant to Plutonian patterns and lists resources for learning more about them.

Certainly, Pluto's transformations may be painful at times. In coming through a Pluto transit, one friend likened it to giving birth to herself without the anaesthetic. However, just as with labor pains, the more you tense up and resist rebirth, the more painful it will be. Like natural childbirth, if you can welcome and work with the change, it will not be as painful. Even with seemingly-destructive events that take place under Pluto transits, the final outcome can often be seen as positive.

Most forms of change are hard to accept. Spiritual teachings work to counter this normal human reluctance by reminding us to let go of both the past and the future to live in the now. For instance, the major technique of healing in Science of Mind, a branch of metaphysics, is a special kind of prayer called a treatment, which is always in the present tense. The desired condition, such as good health, is affirmed as fulfilled right now. Past belief patterns or relationships that hold the person back are negated and dissolved, as are current conditions contrary to the goal. This focus on the present and letting go of past negativity is necessary to the healing. These treatments have produced powerful healings, even of very serious illnesses.

In order to lessen the negative effects of Pluto, we must learn to accept, even to embrace change. If we are not willing to accept changes, they may come from the outside, sometimes in seemingly destructive ways. And yet, the deeper we go into spiritual studies, the more we discern that what appears to be externally based most often has its roots in what is already going on inside of us. (Though I cannot discuss this complex topic here in an introductory volume, many of you, especially the mature Plutonians, may already know what I mean.)

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