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Uranus is the planet designated by the majority of astrologers as having to do their profession, and most astrologers seem to have both Uranus and Neptune strong in their charts. Needless to say, that makes some of them difficult individuals to deal with--eccentric, dogmatic, arrogant, contrary, and elitist! Trying to keep an astrology organization together and functioning harmoniously is like trying to get a union of anarchists to agree. Each astrologer has his or her own viewpoint, and rather than recognize that as a necessary and even desirable consequence of the Uranian nature, these folks insist that those who do not agree with them are "the enemy." Feuds are commonplace, and, as a result, astrology has more splinter groups than any political movement. There is even a faction of astrologers who call themselves Uranian. At first I thought the term a pure redundancy, but later found it applied to the particular techniques they use.

Popular astrology, dealing with Sun signs alone, is increasingly familiar to the masses. While many astrologers deride pop astrology as superficial, nonetheless it is a step forward. Our society has not been an introspective one, and Sun sign astrology can nurture the desire to look into and understand the self. The more introspective person will want to progress beyond the Sun sign level into the deeper levels of self-awareness an individual chart provides.

Astrology, being Uranian, carries all the danger of Uranian excess. Uranians are notoriously detached, and one danger is that we will use astrology and its technical jargon to detach ourselves from our emotions and the reality of things that happen to us. We can also easily misuse astrology to detach ourselves from personal responsibility for the things that happen to us. ("It was Mars that caused me to hit my wife, Judge.") Hopefully, we eventually learn to use that Uranian detachment in the more positive sense—embracing the astrology chart to gain a new perspective on ourselves and our problematic behavior and to help us discover our own individuality.

Astrology, a Uranian discipline, can help relieve our feeling of estrangement from humanity and yet at the same time affirm our individuality. We all contain all the planets and all twelve signs and houses, so we do have basic needs and emotions in common with everyone else; yet the particular combination of house and sign placements and aspects to planets is unique, and are we. When practiced by an astrologer who has some detachment about society's shoulds and shouldn'ts and who can view the chart in an unbiased way, astrology can help us see ourselves in a new perspective, free of society's judgements.

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