Saturn The Pearl in the Oyster

The house and sign placement of Saturn in natal charts is sometimes a trouble spot where we experience delays and obstacles. This is not a pleasurable experience, but it is often through meeting and overcoming adversity that we achieve something worthwhile. The Greek orator Demosthenes started his career by working to overcome a speech impediment and became such a skilled speaker that he is legendary, centuries later. With hard work, self-discipline, and determination, Saturn's placement in your chart can lead to something great.

Another metaphor about Saturn may demonstrate this principle more clearly. I compare Saturn to the grain of sand inside an oyster. The sand frustrates and irritates the oyster, which probably wonders why it is being singled out this way, until it finally mobilizes its defenses. It builds and builds, until it has finally created a lovely pearl. We find the pearl beautiful and valuable, but the oyster may very well consider it a great affliction. So, too, problems we struggle with due to Saturn's natal and transiting placements may feel uncomfortable on a day-today basis, but by working at them in the long run, we may be building something very fine. Look at your Saturn as a pearl in the making, and you'll work with it better.

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