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The Art Of Astrology

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donna Cunningham, an internationally respected astrologer with over 35 years experience, is the author of 15 books on metaphysical topics. Listed in several Who's Who volumes, she has given seminars on astrology around the world and won the prestigious Regulus Award at the 1998 UAC. She also has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. She uses this combined approach in her "Dear Abby" type column in Dell Horoscope and her ongoing series of articles in The Mountain Astrologer. Donna still does personal consultations by phone to stay in touch with the ever-unfolding patterns of the Cosmos. For information on her astrological or web design services, visit her web site at:

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The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 1: The Career Path of The Exceptional Soul. Published 4/2004. The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 2: Exceptional Soul Seeks Same—Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars. Expected early 2005.

The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 3: Exceptional Souls and Their Peers—Outer Planets in Aspect to One Another. Expected 2005 Hotline to Heaven. An astrological/metaphysical mystery novel. 8/2004

Angel in Peril. An astrological/metaphysical mystery novel. 8/2004 Flower Remedies—How Plants' Energies Can Heal Us. 8/2004

For more information on this series and other planned e-books, visit

Hard Copy Books By Donna Cunningham:

How To Read Your Astrological Chart: Aspects Of The Cosmic Puzzle; Red Wheel/Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1999 The Moon in Your Life; Red Wheel/Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1996 Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life; Ballantine Books, 1988 The Consulting Astrologer's Guidebook; Red Wheel/Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1994

Astrology and Vibrational Healing; Cassandra Press, 1988 Astrology and Spiritual Development; Cassandra Press, 1989 The Flower Remedies Handbook; Sterling Publishing, 1992 Spiritual Dimensions of Healing Addictions, With Andrew Ramer. Cassandra, 1988

Further Dimensions of Healing Addictions, With Andrew Ramer. Cassandra, 1988

This revised edition of An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness is dedicated to Stephen Arroyo and to his staff at CRCS Publications. The book would not have existed had Stephen not approached me in the mid-1970s to ask if I would consider doing a book for them. Though I had been publishing articles for several years, the prospect of writing an entire book was overwhelming. Stephen persevered in encouraging me and coached me through an outline and the first several chapters. Throughout its history in print, the first edition was championed by CRCS, and I owe much of my success to the boost given by this book. I also want to thank them for returning the rights to the book to me once it was out of print, so that this new edition in ebook format was possible.

Without the help of my friend, Tom Savarese, this edition could not have happened, for out of the kindness of his heart, he scanned each page of the original hard copy book so that I did not need to type it all into the computer. For the past twenty years, Tom has been the most unselfish of friends, and I am glad for his presence in my life. Besides all that, his wicked humor makes me laugh.

Thanks also to Charity Heller-Hogge, of Mighty Pen Editing Services ( who worked hard to see the book through a newcomer's perspective and to make it beginner-friendly. And to Karen McCauley for editing the more technical chapters.

My love and thanks, finally, to my astrological mentors and teachers in the early years, especially Richard Idemon and Rod Chase. You will see their influence and insights reflected often in this book.

Acknowledgements: Many segments of the first edition of this book originally appeared as articles in Dell Horoscope Magazine, Astrology Guide, Your Personal Astrology, and other astrology magazines, though each has now been expanded and updated. Sources for individual articles will be given in the appropriate chapters. Here I wish to acknowledge not only the generosity of the publishers of those magazines in allowing me to reprint the articles but also the invaluable skills of their editorial staff in polishing the original articles into publishable form. Any mistakes in the final, expanded versions, however, are my own.

Many of the images and photos in this book are the copyrighted property of ArtToday, Inc. through their subsidiary corporation,, an online source for high quality, royalty-free stock photos at These graphics are used with permission under license. The images and photos in this book may not be copied or downloaded without permission from Astrological glyphs and symbols came from a variety of sources, including Art Today, Ancitita, and clip art disks by Micrographx, Expert Software, Cosmi, and Perfect Software.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the world of e-books. An e-book can be richly illustrated—as this one is—with color graphics and photos that would be too costly in hard copy. An ebook is never irrevocably finished and need not be time-sensitive. When additional material is available, you need not buy an entire new copy of the book, but can just download the new chapters. Unlike most hard copy books today, an e-book will not go out of print in a few years when the publisher finds the bottom line more important than the education of astrology students.

This medium holds exciting possibilities, and I've capitalized on many of them here. To use the special features, take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the features of Adobe Acrobat Reader. (If you are only seeing a half page of text with a menu on the right, click on Hide for a full-page view.) Clicking on the bookmark tab at the side shows links that take you directly to any section of the book that interests you. If you click on the binoculars on the tool bar at the top of this document, it will instantly search the book for all instances of any word you specify. The book contains active links to the web sites given for reference, if your Internet connection is open in the background. (Put the cursor on any email or Internet address with a blue underline, and it launches the browser or email form.) Using the "Select Text" function on the toolbar, you can pull out brief excerpts for clients or friends whose situations match the contents.

However, I hope you will use this book in virtual form rather than printing it out entirely. We all love having books in our hands, and yet change is inevitable—even necessary. At the rate trees are being harvested, in five to ten years, there will be no paper for our children's textbooks or wood for homes. An e-book is one way you and I can contribute to saving the forests that are a vital part of our environment. They are crucial to our air quality, endangered animal and plant species, and rainfall levels. The before and after photos of an old-growth forest below may illuminate what my words cannot1.

Donna Cunningham

http://www.davidsuzuki. org"/>
1 These photos are reprinted with permission of the David Suzuki Foundation, dedicated to preserving Pacific Northwest forests. For information, visit: http://www.davidsuzuki. org

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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