Pluto Transits Endings and Beginnings

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Under a Pluto transit, suppressed feelings, even those from the very distant past, may come to the surface due to circumstances that mirror and evoke them. For instance, if you've never allowed yourself to grieve over some loss, current events under a Pluto transit may bring that grief to the surface, as fresh as when it first occurred. Or you may relive some betrayal of trust or abuse of power, even from childhood, under the spur of a difficult interaction in the present. The textbook Plutonian individual exerts control over the self and all too often may be unable to express anger or other negative feelings, at a considerable cost to spontaneity and to mental and physical health. When long-suppressed emotions like these are brought to the surface and allowed expression, you rid yourself of a great backlog of frozen emotions. In addition, what you learn in this process can leave you free to react to present-day challenges without the old baggage.

A major issue that can arise during a Pluto transit is that of control and the proper use of power. A subtle power struggle may be going on, the parties playing on guilt and dependency in order to maintain dominance. Plutonian patterns don't just play out in romantic and family ties, but in career settings as well. The house Pluto is placed in natally gives a clue to the areas of life you are most prone to Plutonian interactions.

Under a Pluto transit, you may become aware of these dynamics and seek new ways of relating. Sometimes this means forming ties with a different set of people. The transition from old to new relationships l is often accompanied by a tricky and often acrimonious disengagement from old ties, for Plutonians don't easily give up their hold on you. Over the long haul, however, you can wind up with healthier relationships in that area of life. The house Pluto is transiting is another zone where game-playing may be going on.

A Pluto transit to almost any problem area in the chart can be a window for healing and growth. You often will go through a purging period, wherein the problem is intensified to a critical point, then you may withdraw to look inward at the causes, and slowly try to deal with them. This is not easy, but you will become stronger and healthier through the process. A Pluto transit to a key area of your chart (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, for example) is bound to bring a type of rebirth.

Many astrologers feel that a transit of an outer planet (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) to another outer planet is not significant because these are not "personal" planets.

I do not find this to be so. In particular, I have found the transit of Pluto over natal Neptune at around age 28-30 to be highly significant--especially for those with Pluto or Neptune prominent in the natal chart. In many cases, where Neptune's expressions had been on a negative level (confusion, irrationality, masochism, addiction, or escapism) the transit of Pluto over Neptune first produced a "bottoming out" on these kinds of behaviors, followed by higher expressions of Neptune's energies. In many cases, including my own, this transit was the beginning of interest or study in the occult and spiritual realm.

A major Pluto transit comes to us all in our early forties, when transiting Pluto squares natal Pluto and goes on to aspect the same planets Pluto aspected at birth. In the process, any major, ongoing psychological pattern having to do with Pluto will intensify. This transit—part of the so-called Midlife Crisis—is a powerful window for transforming negative Plutonian expressions into more constructive ones. To understand this period well, we must analyze and thoroughly understand all the aspects Pluto forms in the birth chart, as the natal angles between Pluto and the other planet in the pair are mirrored by new angles formed by transits during this cycle.

For instance, suppose that Pluto is conjunct Venus in your birth chart. When transiting Pluto squares natal Pluto, it will also square natal Venus, bringing the relationship patterns signified by that natal aspect to a head. (See the description of a Venus-Pluto aspect in Chapter Six for more detail.) For instance, a woman in her 40s who married—let's be frank— for money and who had tolerated her husband's womanizing till now, may find money and social privilege is no longer sufficient reason to stay in a relationship that has become demeaning. If she chooses to leave the marriage during the Pluto square to natal Pluto, difficult as it may be to make that change, she learns to stop handing her power over to a partner and reclaims it.

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