Neptune and Psychic Abilities

When we begin to tap into the psychic levels of our being, perhaps under Neptune transits to our birth charts, it is a common temptation to want intensely dramatic, bigger-than-life connections to spirit guides to bolster self-esteem. I can't tell you how many people out there believe that they and they alone are channeling Princess Diana or Mother Theresa. You may very well be in contact with a spirit guide of some sort, but on the astral level, spirits can assume any form they like. We can also perceive them as anyone we want them to be, thus the strong capacity for deceiving ourselves or being deceived by beings on the astral level.

Neptune rules psychic abilities AND fantasy or self-deception, and so it is wise not to let the ego become attached to psychic input. It is precisely when ego enters into the equation that we can begin to fool ourselves and to have an inflated idea of our holiness and importance. As an example of someone who is exceptionally gifted and yet remains beautifully humble, check out the amazing medium, John Edward—such integrity, because he refuses to allow his ego to get involved in his work.

My advice during the psychic development phase is to stay humble, to remain focused on using your gift to serve others, and to question every single bit of information that comes your way psychically. I don't mean NOT to believe anything that comes through, but remain unattached to being right and do seek validation for all information before accepting it provisionally as truth. I would say the same to any developing or practicing psychic. I would even say the same to John Edward if he asked, but he is already way ahead of us on that score—a healthy role model.

styled gurus. Using psychic powers and finding your way among spiritual teachers is like learning to walk all over again, only more difficult. With all that fog, who can see where to plant their feet?

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